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Nov 18, 2011



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25 thoughts on “Welcome to the national conversation… Reuben the Cavoodle!

  1. Mike Jones

    Politics in the time of pet ownership. Is there a Nobel Prize for cartooning ? Surely.

    I’m a bit worried about Bob Brown’s marsupial mole, he needs to get that looked at before it spreads. I mean you know how dangerous moleanoma is.

  2. rhwombat

    Steady on, Reuben. Only Krudd’scat (!) can get away with saying that on dogovision. Twice. I suspect that Brian Brown (the marsupial version, not the ex-national icon) won’t go there either, despite getting excited over Bo.

  3. zut alors

    Gillard, Yankee devotee, has definitely gone too far in naming her dog after an American sandwich.

  4. puddleduck

    Getting serious for just a minute… if I may be allowed the indulgence.

    1. The PM was told, loud and clear, that cavoodles, bless them, are the product of ghastly places called puppy factories, where money-grubbing people crossbreed dogs ad infinitum, until the dogs are worn out. Female dogs have been found desperate for medical help, with dead puppies in their birth canal. Little or no food, no exercise, no love, just a life of constant breeding in a cage, to make some pretty unpleasant, unscrupulous people a few bucks.

    Don’t believe me? Check out http://www.oscarslaw.org a site maintained by someone who has seen inside these hell holes. But of course, Ms Gillard didn’t listen.

    It’s not the dogs’ fault they are caught in this horrible world, but paying an unscrupulous breeder when shelters are full of dogs needing a home is unconscionable.

    Adopt, don’t breed. http://www.petrescue.com.au is a good place to start.

    2. I don’t believe Ms Gillard cares for animals one bit.

    The PM presided over the disgraceful vote against the bills to ban live export. Then she presided over the Caucus debate where the ALP could have mandated stunning of animals before they are slaughtered. But no, the gutless wonders couldn’t even do that, so animals exported from Australia are still to be slaughtered fully conscious. Thanks Julia.

    So, the puppy thing doesn’t fool me at all. On the subject of animal welfare, thie PM gets an F for Failure. I only hope Reuben isn’t relying on Julia to feed and walk him.

  5. drmick

    She missed a great opportunity with the name. Still, when it licks itself she can say, “Tony ! Stop that”. When it chases its tail she can say, “Barnaby don’t be so silly”; and when it bites the postman she can say, “sorry, Bronny is a bit senile and grumpy these days”.

  6. SBH

    The way frame two captures a look we’ve all seen on our beloved’s face when they commence a sentence with the words “The vet said………..”


  7. klewso

    Is Mr Bean a pulse?
    And “It just takes one parrot” to do what?

  8. paddy

    Agreed SBH.
    As I read those fateful words, concerning Alan. (who must not be named)
    The keyboard gave a final wail of terror, before the tsunami of coffee swept it away.

  9. klewso

    “How much of that bowl of Pal do you think you can eat?”

    (Coulda called it “Daley”….?)

  10. klewso

    He could have a minder called ‘Tel ….,
    who could take him out for his “Daley telegraph” (pole “walk”)?

  11. Powerfox junior

    For the life of me I cannot understand why she wanted ANY LIVING THING crossed with Christopher Pyne. There are some things that not even hybrid vigour can compensate for in the parliamentary gene pool.

  12. drmick

    I’ve always been fascinated that, if a King Charles can leave a King George the third on the footpath. What can a Regina 2 do?

  13. zut alors

    Powerfox Jnr, congratulations on a comment which will see me chuckling through the weekend.

  14. Mike Jones

    DRMICK, surely a second Regina is a waste ?

    BTW, Doggonauts, trek over to the Crikey piece by Laura B – Tales of summer from an American Girl Scout camp. It’s a really funny post.

  15. Venise Alstergren

    REUBEN? What a revolting name. What a revolting mixture to breed into the poor creature. Why, the thing looks mentally defective.

    Jasper, spludge …..paw maks marks! #x…….I beg you to forgive the fawning idolatry from the obsequious peanut… hic four paw prints and more spludge; (uses the cta’s cats’ cat’s tray)……. gallery. A big pair of goo goo eyes, and phut! No arse is all class is my motto…. sits down to wash her whiskers! Purrr

    Sorry about that Jasper I caught Walnut writing out this love note to you. When she tires her spelling goes out the window. pissoff puss cat Walnut.

  16. Holden Back

    Mongrels, the lot of us. And all the better for it.

    Speaking as a proud companion of a street-bred Jack -Shi Tzu.

    It’s not the poor thing’s fault.

  17. Andybob

    Cavoodles should definitely be stunned before they are killed.

  18. Reuben

    Thank you Venise.

    I’m actually named after the enzyme that makes your poo turn brown.

  19. McLuvvin Hugh

    I heard tell that Christine Milne has a Spotted Handfish in her water feature.

  20. Venise Alstergren

    HOLDEN: Did you infer my Walnut to be a mongrel? Wrong! Her breeding started out by being Alley Cat-politely referred to, by the vet, as ‘Tort’ ’cause of a stray patch of ginger in her. After that it was downhill all the way. But, I luve’s her.

    REUBEN: Surely you sell yourself cheap? I instantly took you to be a descendant of Paul Reubens with all his sensual and emotive love of, and use of colour, his homage of Titian, his excellence, his style, his, you name it. Etc, etc, etc. But not the American actor of the same name-I trust?

  21. Venise Alstergren

    REUBEN: Having just re-read your post I’m doubly intrigued. Could there be a relationship between the great Flemish painter and the stuff that makes your poo turn brown? Now, there’s a thought.

    Just guessing, a chemical named after a known virtuoso of colour?

  22. Crispy

    Lordy, I was away Friday and missed the most important cartoony of the year! Welcome, Reuben. Shut up all you Cavoodle haters, or I’ll send Marli, Destroyer of Worlds, around to jump up on you as you come through the door and ladder your stockings and lick you too much.

    And thanks Puddleduck. Of course everyone who crosses a kc spaniel with a toy poodle is an Evil Puppy Farmer. Much easier to remember that way.

  23. Holden Back

    Bilirubin, eh?

    Van Dyke Brown, Venise!

  24. Venise Alstergren

    I’ll take your word for it HOLDEN. I’m trying to eat my lunch.


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