"Harvest promoter responds to irate fans" ran the headline in The Age this week. Promoter AJ Maddah had put together an impressive line-up and a beautiful location for his Harvest Festival in Melbourne (and in Brisbane tomorrow), headlined by a rare visit from much-loved '90s trip-hop favourites Portishead and indie hipster icons The Flaming Lips.

But, as seems inevitable with festivals these days, there were logistical glitches. According to Marcus Teague's article, "snaking, immobile queues were commonplace around the festival grounds, as punters waited in a multitude of lines for basic services such as food, alcohol, and amenities". What was worse, "the lack of toilets on offer drove many into the surrounding bushes to relieve themselves, although the diminished opportunities for actually purchasing drinkable fluids most likely kept the steady stream in check".