Nov 16, 2011

Obama arrives to an eager Aussie PM

Crikey media wrap: Airforce One will touch down in Canberra today, carrying US President Barack Obama on his much-awaited visit to Australia.

Amber Jamieson — Freelance journalist in New York

Amber Jamieson

Freelance journalist in New York

Airforce One will touch down in Canberra today, carrying US President Barack Obama on his much-awaited visit to Australia. It's his first trip as president, after two previous trips were delayed due to US domestic issues, and the Australian media is beside itself with anticipation. All week the media fawned over photos showing just what great mates Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Obama are:

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10 thoughts on “Obama arrives to an eager Aussie PM

  1. GocomSys

    The media frenzy will be over in a jiffy. Mostly uninformed opinions and speculations will cease and the Aussie press will return to their natural state of hibernation.

  2. david

    The media just cant stop themselves in their attempts to degrade the PM. Fortunately she is made of sterner stuff and has more guts than all of them combined.
    You will have the last laugh Prime Minister, count on it.

  3. Holden Back

    So which taxpayers are funding the US press corp – or are we just to be angry on any taxpayers’ behaf?

  4. Liamj

    So nice of the CEO to drop in and announce the restructure, its just embarrassing having the local reps trying to explain what they don’t know.
    And after all, what else is a colony for but to use like a tissue.

    Hopefully he’ll outline plans to co-fund dealing with the violence and STDs that soldiers on leave bring with them. We should chip in the DFAT budget, its currently wasted on parroting imperial lies anyway.

  5. GeeWizz

    How can’t you degrade a PM that is twice unelected?

    What we need is the Chasers War on Everything boys to do a story on Obama’s Slumber Down Under.

  6. The_roth

    Sycophantic back woods pollies desperate for some of the tinsel to rub off – vomitous!

  7. SusieQ

    Twice unelected GeeWizz? Would you be saying the same thing if the Independants had gone with Tony instead of Julia??? Perhaps learn a bit more about the Westminster system and the role of minority governments before you make uninformed comments. And what do you mean by twice?

  8. Venise Alstergren

    The whole thing is a monumental waste of taxpayers’ money. This sort of idiocy is public relations gone mad. All the treaties, free trade for America and stuff the Oz sugar cane industry, not to mention the beef industry, etc. can be done via internet. To really crucify the situation, the US president isn’t visiting Australia; he’s bringing America with him. Clocks set on USA time, an army of security bods, his own custom built-like the proverbial brick sh#thouse bullet-proof car-the lot. The greatest enemies the president of the USA can run into in Oz is boredom and/or a homogenised funnel-web spider. Bet he brings his own water too. Americans!

    We’ve got what America and China want-minerals and location-yet we behave like tarts looking for customers during a week night, only tarts wouldn’t grovel.

  9. Venise Alstergren

    We’ve got what America-and China- wants our space and our minerals. Yet our governments of all persuasions go flogging their bodies like tarts seeking Johns on a cold midweek night.

    The whole thing is a gigantic PR rip off, funded by us, the taxpayers. And we are meant to be grateful for this visit? Mark Habib must be creaming his pants with unadulterated joy. Bustard.

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Sorry, I’ve doubled up on my comments-please note that each one was different. Olé

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