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Nov 16, 2011

Miffed Radio National staff must learn to do more with less

Some disgruntled Radio National staff are concerned a controversial schedule realignment for 2012 announced yesterday will see protected specialist programs understaffed.

Jason Whittaker — Former <em>Crikey</em> editor and publisher

Jason Whittaker

Former Crikey editor and publisher

Disgruntled Radio National staff are concerned a controversial schedule realignment for 2012 announced yesterday will see protected specialist programs understaffed.


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13 thoughts on “Miffed Radio National staff must learn to do more with less

  1. [email protected]

    Not so much a comment on the changes themselves but simply to note
    the two attributes of the ABC that make me a listener. These
    are that, most often, real conversations occur and that
    intellectual integrity underpins program content.
    Changes that reinforce these attributes are to be encouraged, those
    that stray, are to be discouraged. Only if changes are first judged to
    be positive or neutral to these atributes, can then other decision
    rules be applied.
    Paul C

  2. Gavin Moodie

    I have been a stalwart listener to Radio National since long before it was Radio National, but agree that it’s good to freshen up the program and format a bit. I gather it is currently very expensive and has a tiny audience, so its costs have to be cut to be more similar to the other stations.

  3. David More

    I am a bit sad Encounter has moved from a time that was easy to catch ( Sunday) to one which will mean I will no longer hear it! Some of their shows were some of the most thoughtful on the network in my view.

    Podcast here I come.


  4. alexgoffey

    I’m really sad they’re ditching the 9pm repeat of Life Matters. Richard Aedy brightens my nights no end, and there’s no way I’ll be able to listen to the 9am slot…

  5. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    The trouble with outsiders like us looking at the ‘cost’ of radio broadcasting is that we have no idea. Gavin Moodie can see a reason to cut costs “… to be more similar to the other stations”, but I don’t want Radio National to be similar to anything. I mean, what do you compare it with, Gavin?

  6. Gavin Moodie

    I don’t want Radio National to be more similar to any other station – far from it. But when its cost per broadcast hour is so much higher than the other stations and it has a tiny audience so its cost per broadcast hour per audience member is very high it is vulnerable to being closed down, as was rumoured a decade or so ago. I think Radio National’s continuation long term with reduced costs would be better than it maintaining its expensive programming but for the short term.

  7. SD

    I am appalled by the changes for next years broadcast schedule for Radio National which seem to be aiming at further dumbing down this last bastion of quality, grown up radio. I am devastated in particular by the loss of Ramona Koval, one of the best media performers in this country. For years she has introduced me to new writers and stimulated my reading with her bright,incisive interviews. I am gobsmacked by the appointment of the lightweight Waleed Aly to present a 2 hour current affairs program while PM, one of the jewels in RN’s crown is cut in half. The cut backs to specialist programming – one of the proudest achievements of RN, is incomprehensible. Many hamfisted attempts have been made over the years to destroy RN for political reasons. It would seem that this death is to be achieved not through the hammer blow but by a thousand cuts. Vale ABC.

  8. Frank Birchall

    Don’t tell me Alan Saunders will no longer be presenting By Design — I greatly admire his obvious in-depth admire his in-depth knowledge of the show, excellent diction and good
    manners in interviewing his guests. I can’t see any reason why his program as
    currently presented would not attract a younger audience. I assume he will
    still be presenting The Philosopher’s Zone.

  9. Peter

    RN should be expensive. Strong original content costs.
    I guess it depends on what you want from your radio. I suspect Alan Jones
    would earn a large proportion of RN’s budget. But while I would take RN to
    my desert island to keep me sane, I would push Alan’s program overboard on
    the way to it.
    Congratulations to the team who have driven these decisions.
    I think it’s very exiting and long overdue. The comments
    by Romana Koval in your link are typical of people who think they own a
    program on the national broadcaster. Sad. Maybe even Alan Jones doesn’t
    think that. I have mentioned him twice now…I am off to wash my hands.

  10. AR

    I don’t understand the virtual abolition of the repeats (apart from the budget help that gives). As some above pointed out, they will simply lose their shows since not everyone can listen through the day – some people, somewhere, apparently have jobs which preclude radio…
    BBC R4 repeats almost all its packaged shows when the employed have a chance of hearing them and RN doing so is only logical.

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