It was Gold, Gold, Gold to the Coast, the good news predicted to have virtually no effect on the Bligh Government’s polling numbers as a snap December poll in Queensland was briefly touted by the media pack and quickly deemed unlikely. There’s nothing a Press Gallery hates more than relative political stability.

A new Police Commissioner in Victoria pushed Ted Baillieu up the list, while a slightly stronger focus on the economy in the media in the wake of the G20 and continuing Euro crisis helped push Penny Wong and Craig Emerson up the list, the new seriousness possibly having something to do with an unnerving lack of gossip to talk about at the moment.

Martin Ferguson makes the list as the P.M. uses the first opportunity after the passing of the carbon tax to try and put some distance between her and the Greens by backing uranium sales to India. We deduced that Marn thinks it’s a frackin good idea. Meanwhile Malcolm Turnbull continues to lead policy for his own party, backing $1 dollar limits for pokies and belling the cat on the severe difficulty of repealing the carbon tax. Which way do you think he’ll go on gay marriage, with polling showing even a majority of Coalition voters in favour?

Plenty of talk online about uranium, gay marriage and Mr Obama, those issues also getting a fair run on talkback as well, along with the mining tax, the Commonwealth Games and of course good old fracking.

A tragic end for a talented man, an end that some have chosen to use to air allegations of all kinds. As a few insightful commentators noted, why didn’t they bring these allegations up while the man was alive?