Nil-nil: ‘Mafia boss’ Murdoch convinces no one. James Murdoch utterly failed to convince British MPs last night that he is telling the truth about the News of the World phone hacking scandal. But neither did he run up the white flag, accept he’d lied to parliament or admit he’d been caught red-handed.

So I guess you could call the result a nil-nil draw. The $64,000 question of whether the mini mogul is a liar or just a chump remains unresolved. But whichever is right, James is not someone that many shareholders would want to have looking after their money. — Paul Barry (read the full story)

How to come up with a powerful idea. The ABC’s digital media influence relies on good ideas. ABC Innovation’s head of strategy, Abigail Thomas, explains how her team develops the early concepts for mobile and iPad apps and even video games in an interview with The Power Index for her profile in our Digital Media Top 10.

Thomas says it all starts with fortnightly ideas meetings, followed by six monthly off-site days where members of the 15-person strategy team have the opportunity to spend five minutes pitching an idea. The team then votes, with the more popular ideas further workshopped and later pitched to the broader innovation team. — Angela Priestley (read the full story here)

Is Alan Jones the answer to MTR’s woes? Watch out Melbourne: Shock jock Alan Jones could soon be ranting and raving about Sydney’s traffic problems on a radio near you.

A Supreme Court ruling yesterday afternoon paved the way for Macquarie Radio Network, which half-owns the struggling talkback station MTR, to beam more 2GB content from Sydney or shut down the station altogether. Pacific Star, the other joint owner of MTR, has been fighting to keep the station operating with Melbourne-based presenters. — Matthew Knott (read the full story here)

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