NotW hearing to test Rupert’s would-be heir. Yet more startling revelations in the News of the World scandal overnight, with a BBC report revealing “industrial-scale” surveillance by Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid over an eight-year period.

The latest claims — partially admitted by News — come from ex-policeman Derek Webb, who carried out covert surveillance between 2003 and 2011 on 100 politicians and celebrities, including Britain’s Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith, Prince William, and the parents of actor Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter). — Paul Barry (read the full story here)

Bolt’s queer take on Qantas , Hadley’s war on teachers. Andrew Bolt praises Alan Joyce for smashing gay stereotypes; Miranda Devine lashes overzealous parents; Ray Hadley takes on striking teachers. Here we reveal what Australia’s most powerful Megaphones have been up to over the past week.

Andrew Bolt: Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has copped a lot of flak for his decision to ground the airline’s fleet, but not from our most powerful Megaphone. In his column today, Bolt praises the “tough, cool union buster” for smashing gay stereotypes. Joyce, in case you didn’t know, shares a home in Sydney with his partner, a man from New Zealand. — Matthew Knott (read the full story here)

He’s baaack: so what’s Rupert been up to? As the News of the World scandal deepens in the UK, everyone’s favourite media mogul has been in Australia this week for his regular once-a-year visit to the old country. So what’s the Dirty Digger been up to? Here’s a run-down of his movements:

On Friday… The Sun King was at News Limited’s annual in-house awards, an event he attends every year to keep an eye on the troops and dole out the gongs. And each year his employees and papers vie for his attention through such hotly contested categories as “campaign of the year” and ‘young journalist of the year’. — Tom Cowie (read the full story here)