Nov 9, 2011

Farewell Big Harto: News Ltd CEO John Hartigan resigns

Rupert Murdoch has delivered a savage verdict on the health of his Australian operation, with veteran News Ltd CEO John Hartigan stepping aside and Rupert taking the company's chairmanship for himself.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Rupert Murdoch has delivered a savage verdict on the health of his Australian operation, with veteran News Ltd CEO John Hartigan stepping aside and Rupert taking the company’s chairmanship for himself.

Foxtel head Kim Williams will be appointed in Hartigan’s place, with The Australian and News Digital’s current CEO Richard Freudenstein taking Williams’ former role. John Allan, fingered in June as the broadsheet’s chief operating officer, will ascend to chief executive.

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43 thoughts on “Farewell Big Harto: News Ltd CEO John Hartigan resigns

  1. Mack the Knife

    “John’s decision” hahahaha. Just goes to show, even 40 years of obsequious service means nothing to Murdoch. Loyalty is a one way street to the man.

  2. TD G

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if Rupert is trying to reign in News Ltd. He has always been willing to interfere in politics, but normally with his commercial interests as his first consideration. In Australia, however, News Ltd’s arrogance is threatening News Corp’s commercial interests – the government cannot stand News Ltd due to its increasingly partisan reporting and won’t do it any favours, there is a media inquiry investigating concerns primarily about News Ltd, there are many people calling for the forced divestiture of News Ltd papers, and the Australia Network tender process has been overridden primarily to stop Sky winning the contract.

    If News Ltd would just report the news, it would be facing no threats and could continue to expand without serious opposition. Instead, it has decided to become a partisan player and has made itself the news, creating many, many enemies who will do everything in their power to weaken it.

  3. Peace Piece

    Good Riddance to the King of the Hate Media!

  4. Oscar Jones

    I agree that Murdoch must be very concerned with the direction his Oz newspapers have taken over the past few years which I see veering towards a precipice.

    Rupert in the end, is a newspaper man and his baby, The Australian has become a joke.
    Not only my view but certainly the view of so many I ask who are normally readers but cannot handle the extraordinary, partisan and vocal bias against the current government. It’s one thing to openly support an Opposition or Government of the day.
    They can get away with in the Hun or Terror but the manner in which the Oz does it is like an insult to the intelligence.
    I subscribe to many on-line newspapers but the line-up of Oz writers spouting propaganda has become laughable.

    Interesting that Gough Whitlam’s son-in-law should now takeover.

  5. George Stitt

    Minor point: the Aurora, on the corner of Kippax St and Elizabeth St, is the News Limited pub of choice these days.

  6. Fran Barlow

    This is a great day. Media buffoon Hartigan and Media criminal Berlusconi rolled on the same day … There’s also something to be said for swapping the monkey for the organ-grinder.

    Cop that all you RWDBs …

    Follow me on Twitter @fran_b__

  7. Nici

    They’re surprised and shocked? It should have happened a year ago after the Guthrie and the Storm cockups.

  8. GocomSys

    Mr Hartigan will leave LIMITED NEWS on 30 November, 2011.
    Mr Abbott will relinquish his leadership of the LNP on 1 April 2012.

  9. Lord Barry Bonkton

    He left Ltd News with a Shoe print on his back. Ha Ha What a great week , the Carbon Tax goes though , Harto gets booted and my local Cr. Hajnal Black (ex LNP ) facing criminal charges (another Sophie )in the Supreme court. Logan City Mayor has told her to stand down. With two more days to go, what else can cheer me up ?
    Abbott caught in toilet with pants down ??? Barnaby Joyce sacked for drinking on the job ?????

  10. mook schanker

    Perhaps TD G you are right.

    I could go one further and compare the Murdoch stable of media in the US or UK where there is perhaps a perception of breadth of views. (I use the word ‘perception’ loosely mind you).

    The problem with News Ltd Australia, is the differing outputs obviously sound like the one boring partisan voice. Reporting in the Oz just reads like eloquent versions of Bolt, where the same process of hand picked evidence political, economic or otherwise only exists to reinforce ‘a view’. This partisan behaviour devalues differentiation amongst the Ltd stable, that is, how can The Australian somehow ask readers to pay a premium when perceived value add is zero when compared to a stable of freebies? With the advent of implementing paywalls, they better be scurrying quick to add value by showing breadth of views and a differentiated (premium) option, to not only potential readers (buyers), but also institutions where Murdoch has to stakeholder manage for commercial gain….

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