‘Bali boy’ media deal — getting to the truth. Who’s not telling the truth in the saga over the “Bali boy” and the tabloid spat over securing an interview with the family of the accused minor? Our sources insist Nine has done the deal — despite strenuous denials from the family and the network in the press today. Indeed, Seven sources reckon 60 Minutes has cameras in Bali ready to film its expensive scoop. Nine wasn’t responding to our questions, but we’re keen to talk. Stay tuned …

Brisbane Woolies site in union turf war. Spies in Brisbane report the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association is taking the National Union Of Workers to Fair Work Australia in a demarcation dispute about the Woolworths Regional Distribution Centre in a hearing later this month. The SDA wants exclusive representational rights at the south Brisbane facility, effectively banning the NUW from Woolies. The site has been in dispute since 2005 because, says one insider, of the “apathy and possibly cosy relationship” between the SDA and Woolworths management, which has left NUW members wondering that if the Fair Work decision goes against the NUW their right to freedom of association may be taken away.

Small eBay sellers splashed out of pond? Australian eBay sellers are worried that the online giant’s decision to allow overseas sellers into the local market will put them out of business. Our correspondent says “tens of thousands of small eBay sellers are going out of business at a fantastic rate”. We’re getting into this, but what do you know? Drop us a line or tip us anonymously.

See how power works in this country.

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News course at WA uni. Finally, there is a university course that can teach anyone how to become a News Limited journalist. University of Western Australia’s Masters of International Journalism — we came across the glossy brochure yesterday — is being mainly taught by News-affiliated journos, from either The Australian or Sky News. For a casual $16,000 — for a one-year, trimester course — students can study journalism under the advice of prominent News hacks such The Oz business editor Geoff Elliot and reporter Anthony Klan. The staff list also include the occasional guest lecture from editor-at-large Paul Kelly.

In-between covering Canberra for Sky News, reporters Kieran Gilbert and Ashleigh Gillon will be teaching the media portions of the course. It seems no coincidence that Peter van Onselen works at The Australian and the Sky News. With journalism courses considered to be guaranteed money spinners, journalists buddying up and creating courses may be on the increase. Adding fuel to that adage, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

See how power works in this country.

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