Nov 8, 2011

Onya Rupe … The West kills Frazier … Age plays ladyboy card …

In today's Media Briefs: Onya Rupe, for a generous ‘gift of love’ ... Ludlam and the News-employed Marxist ... It's OK, Gillard's not a head of state and more ...

The West KOs itself on Frazier's 'death'. American sports blog Deadspin drew our attention to an amazing gaffe by The West Australian online yesterday, chasing the scoop for the death of ailing boxing great Joe Frazier. The link to the story is now dead, unlike Frazier, who, despite battling liver cancer, is still fighting ...

Onya Rupe, for a generous 'gift of love'. News Limited editors know which side of their bread is buttered. With the patriarch stalking the halls of News' Melbourne HQ yesterday, Rupert Murdoch's newspapers lined up to congratulate their boss on finding $10 million in his wallet for a Melbourne hospital. There was Rupert playing with the sick kiddies in the Herald SunThe Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser and The Australian, where Chip Le Grand best captured the moment:
"FOR any large family, the hardest thing about a reunion is getting everyone together for a picture. For the Murdoch family, yesterday was no different. "Gathered on the sparkling steps of the newly built Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, all the clans dutifully squeezed in to capture the moment; the Murdochs and Handburys, Kantors and Patersons, the Calvert-Joneses. "The families were there to tip good money into a good cause -- funding needed to fit out the expanded digs for Australia's biggest children's health research institute."
But it was The Tele that summed up the mood of the faithful empire -- its website headline reading: "Onya, boss: Murdoch donates to kids' health". Onya Rupert, indeed.

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One thought on “Onya Rupe … The West kills Frazier … Age plays ladyboy card …

  1. michael r james

    “Onya Rupe”

    Not to nitpick but the reason it is named the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is due to support and donations by Dame Elizabeth over the decades. She must have pestered Rupe to open his wallet–probably in partial expiation of his latest News Int. sins (it being well know that Dame Elizabeth gets very upset when Rupe or his empire bring the family name into disrepute).

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