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Nov 8, 2011

The little carbon tax that could

Now that wasn't that hard, was it?


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5 thoughts on “The little carbon tax that could

  1. LucyJr

    This is one beautiful baby. Thank you to all who conceived, gestated and supported through birthing pains. Now let’s nurture to maturity.

  2. Terrence Burns

    And Tony has run off to his Tory mates in England!!!!!

  3. zut alors

    Didn’t Tony’s Tory mates offer encouraging and complimentary comments a couple months ago regarding the Clean Energy Bill? Ouch.

  4. Son of foro

    “Your announcement sends a strong and clear signal that Australia is determined to make its contribution to addressing this challenge. It will add momentum to those, in both the developed and developing world, who are serious about dealing with this urgent threat.”

    David Cameron to Julia Gillard.

    Not David Cameron to Tony Abbott.

    Oh well.

  5. AR

    Perhaps MM will respond to Cameron’s approval the way he did to the economists who queried his, various, ‘proposals’ – I paraphrase”that reflects more on the ability of economists more than our idea”.
    Doesn’t DO criticism, y/our Tone. Or nuance, or thought, or evaluation, or….anything else except oppose.

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