Correction I:

Caitlin Whiteman, policy advocate at the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre, writes: Re. “The Baillieu Dump: multicultural grants … water advocacy cuts … child seats in taxis …” (yesterday, item 13).  Just letting you know of a couple of errors in yesterday’s piece by Sally Galvin.

  1. The article refers to Jo Benvenuti, CUAC’s executive officer, as a he — she is female.
  2. The article describes Jo as believing that “Victoria needs an organisation solely devoted to giving a voice to water consumers.” In fact, CUAC performs this function at the state level — the need CUAC sees is for a water consumer advocacy organisation at the national level. CUAC’s proposal to this effect is detailed in our submission to the Productivity Commission, which can be viewed here.

We’d appreciate it if these small corrections could be made.

Correction II:

Crikey writes: Re. “The consequences of turning boats back: SIEV towback cases” (yesterday, item 3).  This article originally said that the Four Corners report alleged that three men had drowned when returning to Indonesia on the SIEV 5. This is incorrect. Four Corners alleged that the three men drowned when the SIEV 7 was returned to Indonesia. The story has been updated, Crikey apologises for the error.