The Internet changed the game for television distribution. No longer are TV services restricted to being provided by those who have been provided with access to the airwaves/permission to cable by the Government, but now any company that strikes a deal with content creators/distributors can now deliver content to the home. As broadband data allowances offer increasingly generous data allowances and more TV’s are connected to the Internet (either directly, or via devices that have a net connection like Bluray players, gaming consoles, etc), the race is on for companies to establish themselves and take ownership of the space. One such company is Quickflix.

Quickflix have established themselves as a mail DVD distribution service. Customers pay a monthly fee and ‘rent’ DVD’s from Quickflix, with discs delivered by traditional mail services. Last week they announced that they have launched a video streaming service. With US companies like Netflix and Hulu expected to launch in Australia soon, and local operator Foxtel expected to launch new streaming services, Quickflix Watch Now represents an attempt to own the Australian market before the competition gets a foothold.

This week on Televised Revolution we interview Chris Taylor, the CEO of Quickflix, about the launch of the service and what customers can expect.

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