Headline of the day. Seriously? From yesterday’s London Evening Standard 

Front page of the day. Sydney’s Daily Telegraph should be applauded for this fine interest rates/Melbourne Cup quinella …

See how power works in this country.

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The Department of Corrections. Connecticut newspaper The Middletown Press fires its journalist, Walt Gogolya, and apologises on its front page for a plagiarised story it published on October 26 about field dressing a deer carcass!

 Phone hacking: NotW warned on ‘culture of illegal info’

“Senior executives at News International were warned by a company lawyer in June 2008 that there was ‘a culture of illegal information access’ at the Murdoch-owned media group involving ‘at least three’ of its journalists.” — The Guardian

Law firm documents add to heat on James Murdoch

“News Corp agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to an early phone-hacking victim because it recognized that evidence from the case was ‘fatal’ to its claims of innocence, new details released on Tuesday showed.” — Reuters

Bob Brown wants licences for newspaper owners

“Newspaper owners should be licensed and subject to a “fit and proper person” test similar to the requirements placed on electronic media proprietors, Greens leader Bob Brown has argued.” — The Australian

Twitter’s hashtag is getting political

“Politicians and political watchers alike are trying to capitalize on Twitter’s once straightfoward hashtag symbol. Politicos are capitalizing on the occasionally viral hashtag to publicise their ideas under one slogan.” — The Atlantic Wire

More digital channels for regional SA

“Viewers in the South East of Regional South Australia will soon be able to receive commercial digital channels GO!, GEM, 7TWO, 7mate, ONE and ELEVEN.” — TV Tonight

See how power works in this country.

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