The arrival of the new Cut & Paste Trophy thread hints at something wonderful: that a new podcast has been recorded and it’s time to start collecting entries for the next one.

PS – for those new to Pure Poison:

What is the Cut & Paste Trophy?News Ltd likes to pretend that reader comments published on the site of any competitor represent the views of that media organisation – whether the comments in question are moderated before publication or not.

Welcome to the Cut & Paste Trophy, where we apply that logic in return, asking media organisations to take responsibility for the more offensive material they publish on behalf of readers, or the decision to publish work by certain writers whose unrelated external conduct apparently taints any future employer by association. Remember, according to The Australian, reader comments are “articles” and “stories”. And according to its “Cut & Paste” column, journalists who’ve written something offensive elsewhere are TAINTED AS PEOPLE and therefore any organisation that publishes their non-offensive work is DAMNED BY ASSOCIATION.

These media companies are probably causing that kind of offence all over the place, and barely even aware of it. Let’s help them out by letting them know what they’ve done in the comments.