From the network which bought you Today Tonight‘s “unmask a refugee on national television without informing him that he’s being filmed in the service of misrepresenting said refugee’s Centrelink benefits in order to whip angry pensioners into a frenzy” — here’s another stunning piece of hard-hitting journalism.

Channel Seven News presents Jennifer Keyte’s “rare interview with the man behind the Crown”. That’d be James Packer, fresh out of the Crown AGM, during which he criticised the proposed changes to poker machine laws, called on the federal government to do more to stimulate tourism and then copped a vote of 55% against his company’s 2011 remuneration report.

Someone forgot to tell Channel Seven News. The full interview:

Packer: “To put it in perspective … Crown is the biggest single building in Australia, at about 6 million square feet, Parliament House is the second.”

Keyte: “And Crown’s undergoing a massive refurbishment …”

Packer: “Two billion dollars across Melbourne and Perth trying to upgrade Crown and Burswood …”

Keyte: “Asian high rollers are the key, Crown’s Mahogany room has just undergone a multi million dollar refit … but it’s also about entertainment, and that’s where Shane Warne comes in …”

Packer: “He’s a very clever guy … and sometimes people don’t realise how smart he is, but he said ‘You guys should develop the floor above that as well and we should do an ultra lounge’.”

Keyte: “… and that’s what they did. [To Packer] Is it for the glamour set?”

Packer: “Gee I don’t know I’m still trying to work out what that is …”

Keyte: “As debate rages over future gambling controls, James Packer says a deal’s a deal …”

Packer: “If you look at our results last year the government got in taxes over two times that our shareholders made in profit, and that was obviously the deal and so we expect and are delighted to live by the deal.”

Thus ends the “interview”.

Well at least you got to stretch your legs, Jen …