Oct 27, 2011

OPI report: secret deals and media manipulation

A report released this week reveals a trail of misinformation, secret deals and media manipulation by a ministerial adviser that in part provoked the resignation of Victorian Police Commissioner Simon Overland.

Margaret Simons

Journalist, author and director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism

A report released this morning reveals an extraordinary trail of misinformation, secret deals and media manipulation by a ministerial adviser that in part provoked the resignation of Victorian Police Commissioner Simon Overland earlier this year.


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17 thoughts on “OPI report: secret deals and media manipulation

  1. HB

    Rarely am I speechless – I am now. Great article but deeply troubling.

  2. Aphra

    Thanks for this, Margaret.

    Many of us intuited that Overland was a target. For one thing, he was so close to hounded-out Christine Nixon. She, poor woman, initially earned the ire of the wallopers for banning grog and drinking on police premises, and, of course, she was from NSW (shriek!).

    I don’t know what Victoria can now do to ensure a non-corrupt police force; well, so far as is possible, that is.

  3. mikeb

    If you find one rat you can be sure there are plenty more unseen. I hope this investigation leads to a serious cull.

  4. Ruprecht

    Disgraceful effort by Weston and the Police Association … and the media were played mostly for fools, including Mitchell and the Hun, who are only too keen to tip a bucket without checking facts.

    No wonder Big Ted is dragging his feet on a corruption commission.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    A thoroughly disgraceful episode in the long-running corruption which laughingly refers to itself as the Victorian police force. Also one can’t help but wonder at the real role of the police minister in all of this?

    The whole sordid tale should be used by Peter Temple as part of the plot line in his next Jack Irish book. Over to you Peter!

  6. puddleduck

    I broke off from reading the report to read Margaret’s article – excellent, speedy coverage, thank you.

    The whole thing stinks like an overheated fish market, and demonstrates, amongst other things

    – how unsuited Jones was for the role, and certainly for the Chief’s role. He’s a show pony and never stayed anywhere long or achieved much – just look at his CV. Now we know why. Good riddance to bad rubbish;

    – Simon Overland was done over, and Victoria Police and the State of Victoria lost a good man when he resigned. I was sad then, and I’m even sadder now, when I read about this murk. I hope he feels somewhat vindicated, even though this pack of low-lives ruined a good career;

    – I’m with Ruprecht – no wonder Baillieu is dragging his feet – maybe he’s trying to work out how to hamstring any anti-corruption commission before it even starts, so dark deeds like this don’t come out.

    I doubt Ryan’s protestations of innocence. Weston was right on that score – plausible deniability, I think it’s called.

    What a disgrace.

  7. Tom Jones

    The role of the media is very troubling in all of this. On top of Channel 9 inserting anti pokies advertising right into the heart of the rugby finals – saying it is fair comment rather than a scripted comment.
    Those media firms are definitely part of the 1%.
    Simon Overland in the meantime has been done a great disservice.

  8. AR

    Acton’s axiom “..power tends to corrupt…” would seem to apply.
    However the even more dangerous element is secrecy, a multiplier effect, and almost always with baleful end results for the common weal.

  9. SBH

    By the time I got to “But perhaps the most disturbing episode” I was reeling. When Ted and crew took over it seemed that they, at best, lack trust in the professional objectivity of their public servants. It turns out that the rogues were their own people and the carpetbaggers they brought in from outside. What a terrible story of bad government.

    As for the idea that anyone could get the police association to ‘go soft’ – what a fantasy! whoever suggested such a thing must have no knowledge whatsoever of how this most powerful of unions has operated for decades. Stunning incompetence.

  10. Son of foro

    Who’s Hindmarsh?

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