Oct 24, 2011

News Corp AGM: no doddery old men, or foam pies

Rupert Murdoch was pretty fast and combative, much better than the doddery old man at the parliamentary committee.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

Rupert Murdoch was clearly a very determined man when it came to his goal of ensuring he didn’t cop another foam pie attack at the News Corp AGM in Los Angeles on Friday.


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15 thoughts on “News Corp AGM: no doddery old men, or foam pies

  1. Suzanne Blake

    According to Windsor, Murdoch is too busy dreaming up poor polls on him to have time for shareholders!!!

  2. John Donovan

    Amazing. Sometimes we forget that News and similar companies are publicly listed, and therefore have a responsibility to listen to their shareholders. I doubt you will ever see an open minded caring sharing News, but perhaps a subtle change may be expected when Rupert goes?

  3. Geoff Russell

    Funny … I would have thought the biggest story out of the News Corp AGM was
    Murdoch’s agreeing to condemn Australia’s live animal export industry:

    This will put him directly at odds with The Weekly Times which has editorialised in
    support of live export

    This WT editorial calls footage of animals being tortured “emotive”, but what is it when
    you point at threats to a multimillion dollar industry? I’d call that emotive. Appealing to
    people who care about the children of cattle farmers who might be put out of
    work … now that’s emotive. Footage of what happens to cattle in Indonesia
    is only emotive to people who give a damn … which clearly isn’t the author of the WT
    editorial. Murdoch made his position quite clear. He is opposed to animal cruelty. The WT clearly supports it, along with Meat and Livestock Australia and Julia Gillard.

  4. Arboy46

    You are a legend, Stephen Mayne!

    Rob Bickford

  5. zut alors

    I’ve been waiting all weekend for this, Stephen, an accurate eyewitness description of what went on at the AGM. As expected, an informative and revealing read.

    After decades of driving ambition, rat cunning, deals, general powerbroking and calling the shots, it appears Murdoch now approaches News Ltd AGMs with mounting trepidation. But security guards and an unctuous board of directors can only cushion him so much, the clock is ticking on his time in the sun.

    Murdoch has climbed to the top of the ladder of media prestige and power… now he’s descending it. Reminds me of that wonderful old line about the higher you climb a ladder the more is revealed up your skirt…

  6. Venise Alstergren

    Congratulations on a first class article Stephen.

    Didn’t Rupert hold the AGM in Adelaide at one stage?

  7. Bobalot

    SUZANNE BLAKE rushes in and posts a political attack which has nothing to do with the article. How embarrassing it must be to be as clueless as SUZANNE BLAKE.

    As for the article, I wonder what shareholders think about the various loss making newspapers that NewsCorp owns? Surely they can’t be impressed by the performance of The Australian over the last decade.

  8. michaelwholohan1

    Yes the clock is ticking for Rupert & maybe,just maybe the Dock is waiting. Will that be the public finale for our own Charles Foster Kane……. one can only hope

  9. interesting

    I hope you and Ben Sandilands will be asking some questions at the Qantas AGM

  10. Peter Ormonde

    Nice piece Stephen.

    But I think Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewicz somehow managed to knock up Rupert’s memoirs when the lad himself was only 10. Maybe Rupert’s just been following the Citizen Kane script as a plan for life. Who knows?

    But the one downside to Rupert getting in a ghost writer to write up his life – who would believe it? Not even him. Now if it was composed of phone taps and illegal surveillance … that might be interesting.

    A sinister presence that fella.

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