Oct 20, 2011

Corporate personhood — and a right to privacy?

The controversial issue of human rights for corporations took an unexpected turn this week in Britain.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The issue of corporate personhood, which has been bubbling away in the background of the #occupy movement in the United States, received an unexpected shot in the arm from British courts last year, we learnt this week.


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3 thoughts on “Corporate personhood — and a right to privacy?

  1. Meski

    You mean there have been no bankruptcies of companies in Texas? The equivalent of a corporate execution.

  2. zut alors

    Would this mean that if a corporation was somehow found out doing something illegal then, like a human, it would be gaoled and assets frozen?

  3. Edward James

    Somewhere someone once wrote be careful what you sign. The European Convention on Human Rights may become a millstone around the necks of those who signed it! Edward James

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