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Oct 14, 2011

A kiss is just a kiss …

Tony Abbott's blood pledge comes a close second, but the clear winner for this week's Sideshow nomination is that kiss ...

Tony Abbott’s blood pledge comes a close second, but the clear winner for this week’s Sideshow nomination is that kiss.┬áHere it is from every angle:

We think Crikey reader Ross Sharp put it best on our Facebook page:

Yes it was pay day for body language expert and author Allan Pease, who no doubt had studied for years to earn the appropriate skills and qualifications to state the bloody obvious and had his moment in the sun care of both Fairfax and News Ltd papers:

“… Pease said the cheeky peck was clearly uncomfortable for both Ms Gillard and Mr Rudd.”

Pease’s rigorous analysis was all class:

”Firstly she’s pointed her bum right backwards, her hips are right away from him. When a woman goes to kiss a guy, if she really doesn’t want to be intimately involved in any way with the guy, that’s what she does, she points her bum right back.”

Bum. We geddit, Alan.

Kudos to The Age for seeking out more than one expert to again state the bleeding obvious — “Image Group International chief executive officer Jon Michail said Ms Gillard and Mr Rudd should have shaken hands instead of kissing.”

But if you remained unconvinced that the congratulatory peck was a bad idea, it was over to a public poll …

Remember folks, these polls aren’t scientific so don’t go trying to base any PhDs on them.

Meanwhile, the headlines were stomach turning, just ask Crikey reader “Screaming Matto-Mattic Davey”, again on our Facebook page:

A kiss so hot, and deadly it seems it’d rival the stars of Twilight.

Media you collectively win this week, for losing all perspective.

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3 thoughts on “A kiss is just a kiss …

  1. klewso

    “Every angle”? What about “Tonguecam”?
    And this being such a big topic for “The Truth MkII and Associates (Propriety Limited)” – and Pease -this “pashfest” :- how did her “Osculation with Kevin” compare to how she kissed everyone else there, while she was busy passing favors?
    How does your mum kiss you – “bum out, or in”?

  2. san jose

    bow chicka bow wow

  3. the man on the clapham omnibus

    Nice to see our news ltd papers are still giving us informed political debate on the policies shaping our country and not soap opera level gossip fodder.