A battle of the book lovers has broken out on model-turned-crime author Tara Moss's blog. After attending a female crime writers convention, Moss penned a post on the hot topic of female authors, the lack of women winning awards like the Miles Franklin and the recent establishment of The Stella Prize. Moss quoted statistics on publishing, noting how men are more likely to earn more in publishing and male authors are more likely to get their books reviewed although similar numbers of male and females are writing books.

Cameron Woodhead, a theatre critic and literary columnist at The Age, voiced his complaint about the post in the comments thread underneath: "I don't mean to rain on your parade, but this is the kind of privileged whining that annoys the crap out of me. According to latest ABS data, women are 4% more likely than men to have sufficient prose literacy to cope with life in a knowledge-based economy. Don't hear the sisterhood getting outraged about that one." Responded Aussie author Lindy Cameron: "I'd rather like Cameron to explain what he means by 'privileged whining'."