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Oct 13, 2011

Another wheel falls off Murdoch train wreck

Should it surprise anyone that the corporate culture that produced industrial-scale phone hacking in Britain was also at work elsewhere? Hardly.

The fall of the Murdoch empire has all the elements of a slow motion train wreck. Rarely a day passes without another wheel or axle falling off, sometimes even a whole carriage.

The past weeks have seen a lot of debris.

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4 thoughts on “Another wheel falls off Murdoch train wreck

  1. zut alors

    If you’re not employed by News Ltd you’re fair game …and if you are employed by News Ltd you’re still fair game.

  2. klewso

    But it is good to know they wouldn’t do anything untoward here – they’ve told us they don’t!

  3. Malcolm Street

    “Importantly, it also reports: “Senior executives in New York, including Murdoch’s right-hand man, Les Hinton, were alerted to the problems last year by an internal whistleblower and apparently chose to take no action. The whistleblower was then made redundant.””

    Not just nasty and petty – DUMB!!! He’s now on the outside, in an atmosphere where everyone’s looking for dirt on News, and he’s got a grudge…

  4. AR

    I’m only surprised that anyone is surprised. As for the treatment of the whistleblower, the usual response from any organisation protecting its arse.
    Why do they never learn? As every study ever done of whistleblowers has shown, they don’t do it for personal advantage – in fact usually knowing that they will be screwed – but because it is the correct thing to do. Unusual concept for bigbiz or government types but not for normal humans.

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