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Oct 5, 2011



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20 thoughts on “Here is the cartoon I told you about

  1. wendy.collins

    I’m so sorry FirstDog and everyone at the Crikey team.

  2. Mike Jones

    Dear Dog,

    I know how much this hurts. Many of us feel guilty and sad – that we could have done better in some way when a loved one passes away.

    But the truth is, FD that everyone except the nearest of kin is lucky if they get in the last happy goodbye. It’s the exception, and no disrespect to you, the toon is probably not Di’s preoccupation at the end.

    I bet she already knew how much you loved her. We all do.

  3. ernmalleyscat

    That’s sad. But you had a lovely chat. That’s good.

    When I was 10 I had raffle tickets to sell and I went next door to old Sid Campbell to sell him some. I went through the spiel about the prizes and the tickets were 50c or 3 for $1. He was very old and couldn’t hear so well. He kept asking “what’s the price?” I kept saying “50c or 3 for $1”. When I left we were both a bit confused.
    Later I realised he was probably asking “what’s the prize?” with that old man whistling s thing. I thought I must go back and explain. I kept thinking about it for a week. And then he died. And then the raffle was drawn and he didn’t win. And I never got to tell him and I never forgot.

    Never forget.

  4. zut alors

    Dear Mr Onthemoon, you may have been tardy with the ‘toon but I bet you were good value whenever in the company of your pal. And remind yourself of all the chuckles she had reading your other ‘toons over the years.

  5. Space Kidette

    Sending you hugs and much love.

  6. drmick

    Make sure you remember the way she was Dog; that’s immortality.

  7. Plonkoclock

    Thank you Mr Onthemoon, for a poignant reminder to all of us to do the things we should do..

  8. syzygium

    Your honesty and fearlessness is a beacon to us all, Mr. Onthemoon. Every moment is bloody precious, isn’t it? All best with your grief. And thank you.

  9. Anthony David

    When others share their deepest experiences it teaches us, once more, how much alike we are.

  10. paddy

    Legends I never met, but always meant to.
    Di Gribble.

    Normally FD’s cartoons destroy keyboards via sprayed coffee or beer.
    Today it’s tears. 🙁
    Thanks dog.

  11. Rourke

    This one made me cry.

    Older mates, I’d see them and joke with them, probably have better conversations with them than when we were both healthy. Pancreatic cancer, that’s not fun; lung cancer for the other. They’d have brief upswings and I’d think I have all the time in the world to catch up again. The important thing is that you reached out and gave some spirit back to someone confronting mortality, which is a lonely view.

  12. Sandshoe

    I keep in my papers evidence of the name of my deceased friend who I sometime helped some, but didn’t see enough of before the event. He didn’t tell me when that was going to happen either.

  13. Venise Alstergren

    Dear MRONTHEMOON: Please accept my condolences for the death of Di Gribble. Also, please extend them to other members of Crikey. FD, I can’t bear to see dogs crying.

  14. That Chatfield Fellow


  15. Plonkoclock

    Ditto, Paddy. Shoe, my friend Chris solved his problems by stepping in front of the Gippslander. I didn’t have a clue. At least it taught me to look..

  16. Puff, the Magic Dragon.

    First Dog,
    I know.

    I think of every minute longer getting to the hospital to be with my husband, of that last nine week’s respite when Arthur might have been home with me instead, and of the one more time I could’ve held his hand or hugged his frail body gently. I never thought his last touch of my beautiful long hair would be the lock I tied to his wrist in farewell.

    I wish I had ensured the collars and tags were put back on our now missing dogs, as he always reminded me to do. I can hear the voice I miss, saying those words.

    I wish there were no goodbyes.

  17. deccles

    Oh dear FDOTM, me crying at the desk is not a good look. My sincerest condolences.

  18. Danny Lewis

    Bloody hell; this cartoon made me cry.

    Please accept mega virtual hugs xxx

  19. Danny Lewis

    Bloody hell, Puff; you’re making me cry as well. 🙁


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