Oct 5, 2011

After a phenomenal peak, is Andrew Bolt in decline?

It is hard to remember a time when so much public debate focused on one journalist as what Andrew Bolt is going through at the moment.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

It is hard to remember a time when so much public debate focused on one journalist as what Andrew Bolt is going through at the moment. Who else gets a full-page advertisement in today’s print edition of The Australian paid for by 1261 largely conservative older white blokes rounded up by the IPA?

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111 thoughts on “After a phenomenal peak, is Andrew Bolt in decline?

  1. pk_x

    I’d like to see Crikey become a Bolt-free zone. I don’t read him, I don’t care about him, I don’t know why the Monthly felt they had to flog the dead horse of News Limited once again.

  2. Andrew McIntosh

    I’d like to see the media in Australia in general become a Bolt-free zone. But despite private misgivings by people like Uechtritz, he will continue to declaim at us all through print, television and on air because of ratings. Bolt really does say what a lot of people think – I wont write what that makes them – and it’s those people who boost the ratings of whatever media organ he’s being paid by. Controversy generates interest, interest generates ratings – in the commercial world that generates advertising and on the ABC it justifies their existence to budget wielding federal governments. Journalism, free speech, and all the rest of it – nothing compared to bums on seats.

  3. Michael Harvey

    I equate him to the Farting Preacher.

  4. Liz45

    My faith has been restored! Thank you all!

    Re the comment about Bolt on Insiders? I’ll start watching it when he’s gone! I can’t see any point in deliberately fouling up Sunday!

  5. Son of foro

    “It is alarming that in 2011 someone can be taken to court for expressing an opinion.”

    What’s alarming is these people not being able to distinguish the difference between ‘getting your facts right’ and ‘expressing an opinion’. What’s alarming is these people not being able to understand the court’s findings.

    The proof of the dumbing down of Australian society could not be more clear.

  6. Jean Morreau

    Penberthy is spot on about examining versus amplifying. Freedom to speak is not freedom to yell.

  7. Fran Barlow

    The fellow really is a Blot on the Mediascape. With some people, there is more to them than meets the eye, but in his case, there is quite a bit less.

    He’s not clever. He has no insights or skills or scruples or even, as far as can be told, any concern for any person that does not serve his momentary interest. He is a one-person noisemaker whose pleasure is that the world should respond to the noise he makes rather than the needs it has, and when it doesn’t, it’s a conspiracy of silence by chardonnay-swilling “elites”.

    I recall, a decade ago his advice that a book by John Marsden should not only be avoided, but borrowed from libraries and not returned. That is his actual response to speech he regards as failing his standards of political correctness.

    Blot, IMO, has as much right to voice his opinion as any ignorant loudmouth, but he is no kind of hero and if his plug is pulled when even his backers come to see him as a squeezed lemon, then it will be germane for him to explain how that could have occurred. I don’t imagine he will have a satisfactory answer on that day either however.

  8. Grinder

    The thing is, for such a conservative he wants all the rights without accepting any of the responsibility (ie to get his facts straight).

  9. Cuppa

    Freedom of speech – but not for Fairfax, the ABC or Crikey.

  10. Mark M

    A full page ad (full page???) in The Oz claiming that free speech is under attack. Oh the irony… The guy has every forum (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Blogoshpere) at his disposal FFS.

    Especially considering Andrew seems intent on silencing or warping any messages from the scientific community

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