Firmspy targeted in defo raid? It’s only a matter of time, really. One legal eagle reckons anonymous legal blogsite Firmspy is about to be sued for defamation by a major legal firm “who will just throw as much resources at it as they have to”. Settlement will not be an option, we’re told, and the majors will be cheering their competitor all the way. We asked the website whether it was true but haven’t heard back. What’s the talk in legal circles? Drop us a line or use our anonymous form.

Job cuts at Health Information Network. Who’s getting the boot at the WA Health Information Network’s infrastructure overhaul? A Crikey spy says WA State Treasury has pulled the plug on chief information officer Alan Piper’s “spending splurge”, with “an entire floor full of contractors” to be shown the door. A WA Department of Health spokesperson told Crikey it’s only 12 people, and they’ll be out by next Monday.

Follow the money to Queen’s end. Our British royal watcher remains convinced ol’ Liz is on the way out. And they say there’s more clues to work from:

“There are two very strong clues that before the Queen visits Australia for a Commonwealth Heads of Governments meeting in Perth at the end of October she will have abdicated, either in favour of Mad King Charles III, but more likely Prince Charles’ eldest son and third in line to the throne, Prince William, who would become King William V.

“One clue is the sudden putting on hold late last year of the issuing of a new £50 bank note by the Bank of England. The low circulation note, which is rarely used in everyday British life, was delayed, repeatedly, for “security and testing” according to the bank. Traditionally British banknotes are withdrawn and reissued with the portrait of the new monarch whenever a succession occurs, the last more than 58 years ago when the young Queen was crowned. Coins remain in circulation with the succession of monarchs being incorporated in them through attrition.

“The other clue, also more than a year ago, was the sudden disappearance of  Australian stories that the current silver coins were to be replaced by new smaller versions of the 10, 20 and 50 cent coins, all of which are bulky, inconvenient and close to containing more metal by value than face value. Those stories were sourced the Mint, which was quickly told to shut up, after it was revealed that Buckingham Palace had rejected the image of the Queen that was to appear on them.”

Westpac man in pokies sting. Yes, it was Westpac chief economist Bill Evans investing in a Darwin poker machine on Tuesday, as we suggested yesterday. “I was killing some time before my flight,” the banking celebrity told us today. “What’s the matter, do we live in a police state or something?” No, but you must admit, Bill, it is amusing …