Sep 22, 2011

Assange denounces publication of ‘unauthorised bio’

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange's much-talked of book is being released in Britain today, following a sudden announcement from publishers Canongate.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange’s much-talked of book is being released in Britain, following a sudden announcement from publishers Canongate. The work — enigmatically titled Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography — is a first draft of the material hammered out by Assange and ghost writer Andrew O’Hagan earlier in the year.


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14 thoughts on “Assange denounces publication of ‘unauthorised bio’

  1. snesn1

    “a rather snide piece in Private Eye”

    Goodness me, fancy that (he said snidely). Readers of Private Eye shouldn’t have to put up with snideness.

  2. snesn1

    Guy seems determined to hang on to his hero image of Assange when the evidence is mounting that he is a self-obsessed, self-promoting, nerdily intelligent but rather deluded, cock.

  3. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Gee, they published without respecting the ‘privacy of the individuals mentioned in the book’. A saying about sauce, geese and ganders springs to mind.

  4. Janus

    Wow – imagine someone being upset about unauthorised disclosure of information. Shouldn’t this help the universe by having more information out in the open instead of keeping it hidden?? Hypocrite not hero.

  5. John Hamer

    Totally agree Janus. How ironic and appropriate to have Assange’s biography leaked without his permission or any consideration of his privacy.

  6. Oscar Jones

    snesn1 : I disagree. Assange may be his own worst enemy but he has done us all a great service.

    Don’t let Julian’s odd demeanour and sometimes maniacal ways detract from the good.

  7. Oscar Jones

    Cheap shots over Assange’s muddle with a book deal and his complaints about the way it is being published.

    There is big difference between a negotiated book deal and government cables that expose the lies of governments.

  8. Bohemian

    We will just have to ask him about this at the “unauthorised” Festival of Dangerous Ideas. It is tough taking on the powers that be because they own everyone and everything. Our only hope is they turn on each other some time soon. Obviously personal appearances are out of the question Friday week. The current bunch of lap dog scalawags would have him renditioned to parts unknown for their masters as soon as he hit the tarmac.

  9. AR

    Agree with Oscar – so many astroturfers, and/or ignorami, dissing Assange – how odd. Not.
    Re GR’s recent mention of Davies, now turned attack poodle, suggest a flawed character. All praise to him for keeping at the Coulson/Mudorc matter but hardly brilliant journalism, just doggedly, relentlessly pursuing and possibly corrupting a couple of Plod if the Met’s recent Official Secrets sledgehammer is indicative.
    His Flat Earth News, while worthy, was a turgid, scissors’n’paste job of, seemingly, interminable length whichcould, and SHOULD, have been a feature in the G2 or Observer but not a book.
    Assange for Oz of the Year, this or any other.

  10. Socratease

    The cynic in me smells a marketing/publicity stunt.

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