Dressed in a smart waist-coat and a striped tie, Simon Taylor presents a practised and polished performance to kick of the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Over the course of his show you will come to appreciate his love of psychology, as he takes you through the way we experience morality, happiness, language and love.

There’s something admirable about a comedian that lets you learn and laugh at the same time, and it’s a talent that Taylor has. His material is sharp and well written, and his performance is a delight: particular highlights was the journey through the emotional blackmail of the traffic-light-squeegee-guy, and the nervous breakdown of a coffee maker (sorry, barista) with an unused Arts degree.

Topics were interspersed with myth busting and musical interludes, and his engaging personality helped along by (it needs to be said) some pretty smooth dance moves kept the audience entertained.

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A definite highlight were the topic relevant Taylor songs played on a handy electric guitar, breaking down the chemical reaction that makes up the feeling of love, and an illustrative number on white guilt. Who knew you could get so much comedy material from a text book?

Taylor claims to know at least ten things about all of us (in the same way a palm reader can read your future?) but the most important factor is that he knows how to make an audience laugh. One thing that he did pick accurately is that I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the term ‘a slab of bogans’ in the future.

Simon Taylor in 10 Things I Know About You is on six nights a week at the Melbourne Fringe Festival until 8th October at 9pm in the Trades Hall Ballroom.


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