Is Vinnies being uncharitable to staff? St Vincent de Paul sent staff to “healing sessions” to talk openly about their concerns with the organisation, we’re told. The company — led by former NSW state government minister Graeme West since late last year — has since announced a restructure that will see several redundancies. According to our spy: “Surprisingly staff who spoke out are the ones who have been identified for redundancy.”

Careful what feedback you give. It’s a tricky business, staff feedback. After we reported Fairfax’s show-and-tell session yesterday, a 10-year supermarket chain veteran writes: “We had a series of those staff feedback meetings. Only two people made suggestions for small improvements — they were both casuals/students and they never got another shift!”

Qantas pizza might make you sick. Were Qantas passengers served contaminated food? A Qantas flight attendant reveals:

“On September 1 Qantas introduced a new economy service which included pizza on long day flights to LAX. In the first week and a bit the pizza service was cancelled due to finding salmonella in the pizza after it was lab tested at catering. A computer message was sent to a flight going Melbourne to LA — the message said something along the lines of ‘do not serve the pizza it is contaminated with food poisoning’. The pizzas had already been served and consumed by all the passengers. I have heard the pizza came from India, and I have also heard it came from Italy. Not sure if either are true but Qantas definitely served all the passengers with contaminated food on a flight Melbourne to LA.”

Are bank foreclosure sales going up? “A friend at a research company indicates that the proportion of bank foreclosure sales has gone up in the last month,” writes a Crikey reader. “The data I’ve heard suggests 1500 houses per month (of approximately 50,000 sales) as a low-end extrapolation. That is a product of extrapolation of anecdotal data, as this was not the purpose of the study, but was idly mentioned by about 3% of respondents. Given there was no question of that nature, the true rate is surely higher, but probably not by much.”

Other services? Staffers warned. We made you, @CanberraInsider! Hundreds more followers since Crikey gave you a plug on Monday for the dirt-dishing Twitter account. It’s not quite as juicy as we’d hoped, but we liked this update this update this morning: “Young female boffins in government department given informal advice on how to deal with male delegates to CHOGM expecting other services”.

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