Sep 20, 2011

Christos Tsiolkas: a slap to the ABC for killing The Book Show

Author Christos Tsiolkas has attacked the decision to axe Radio National's Book Show. He writes in an open letter to the ABC board ...

Author Christos Tsiolkas sent the following letter to the board of the ABC yesterday …


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19 thoughts on “Christos Tsiolkas: a slap to the ABC for killing The Book Show

  1. paddy

    Having read Crikey’s moderation policies, I don’t think I’d be allowed to say what I thought of Michael Mason’s response. (Libel laws being what they are.)
    But it’s probably worth linking to a much more coherent article by Jason Steger interviewing Ramona Koval, that says it much better than I can.

  2. JennyS

    Writers should never resort to cliche. and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    As a writer working from home most of the time, The Book Show is my window on what’s going on out there. If I manage to resist listening in the morning, the evening repeats are a useful chance to stay in touch while folding the washing.
    Ramona Koval is to books in this country what David and Margaret are to movies. If The Book Show is gutted, we’ll lose a big chunk of our intelligent debate, and some of our international standing; it’s not for nothing that Koval hosts sessions at writers’ festivals around the nation and around the world. That this should be happening in Melbourne, “city of literature” is even more disappointing. We can only hope that someone somewhere in the ABC will reverse this decision; hope, or shout at them until they do. Once again Christos is ready to speak out; another reason to admire him.

  3. Stevo the Working Twistie

    I want more recycled BBC frock dramas! More quizzes! You arty-farties never think about us poor lowest-common-denominators.

  4. zut alors

    That’s another one done. Let’s see now, what can the ABC dumb down next…

  5. Andrew Demase

    The ABC has been alienating its traditional audience for some time now for the sake of attracting a “younger” audience.

    Marieke Hardy who often does a guest spot on Jon Faine’s show (774 Melbourne) jokes about being there to make him look cool. ABC TV cuts Arts programming to fund jokes like “Laid”, “At Home With Julia” & “Crownies”. Crownies would have been better on 7 after “Home & Away”, Indiana Evans (Tatum) certainly thinks she is still there.

    My prediction is that if the ABC continues along this road it will lose more of its traditional audience and not gain a “young” audience. Then the politicians will wonder if it is worth funding.

    But this might be the plan all along.

  6. roger

    Ramona Koval is quite simply the finest interviewer in the country. Each day, the Book SHow produces a small miracle on a miniscule budget. Why would you want to much it up? Where is the evidence this will do anything to better serve audiences ? This is tinkering by people who nothing better to do. Michael Mason’s response is insultingly vacuous. He does not hold an intellectual candle to those he is shafting. To claim that Radio National covers more literature than any other media outlet I say, well duh. That’s what RN is for, surely?

  7. Rodger

    I am a fan of the Book Show & Ramona. If they f–k it up I will be angry.

  8. Michael Harvey

    You can’t have dangerous ideas being discussed on the ABC – it would upset The Australian.

  9. Roberto Tedesco

    I’d be more interested in Christos’s view if he hadn’t written a great pile of steaming turd like “Dead Europe”. Ye flippin’ gods.

  10. Bob Biggs

    So, Roberto, you’re writing off Tsiolkas’s opinion because… You didn’t like one of his books? You must be a smash at parties.

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