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Sep 19, 2011

Leaks shows local footy costs cash-strapped ABC $22 per viewer

The cash-strapped ABC is spending a massive $22 per viewer each week of the season to bring Tasmanian football to a tiny audience of about 3000, reveal figures leaked to Crikey.

Margaret Simons

Journalist, author and director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism

The cash-strapped ABC is spending a massive $22 per viewer each week of the season to bring Tasmanian football to a tiny audience of about 3000, reveal figures leaked to Crikey.

Responding to the leak, the Community and Public Sector Union has accused ABC management of collusion and selectively leaking commercial in confidence data to private sector producers. In a letter released to Crikey, the CPSU has called for ABC managing director Mark Scott to hold a leaks inquiry and take disciplinary action.

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10 thoughts on “Leaks shows local footy costs cash-strapped ABC $22 per viewer

  1. paddy

    An outstanding piece of informative journalism Margaret.
    I’m actually far better informed about the ABC’s inner workings after reading that.
    Well done.

  2. Mark Duffett

    Even $22/week during the season amounts to way less than a pay TV sports subcription. And the only way I’d contemplate one of those would be if it covered local footy.

  3. Suzanne Blake

    And the ABC want to drop lawn bowls (Saturday 5pm) , where 500,000 watch a week.

  4. Scott

    Remember that these are our tax dollars at work. We are spending $22 a viewer to showcase Tasmanian footy to the world.
    But I am not surprised. This is what you get when there is no motivation for value creation in an organisation; you get bloated staff levels, inefficiencies and waste.
    In my opinion, ABC should have been sold off long ago. If not that, at the very least, they should outsource their non-core functions and production capacity.

  5. michael crook

    Its quite simple really, the ABC is there to provide a service. Private producers are there to make a profit. The two are irreconcilable. Prior to Alston/Shiers the ABC managed to provide a service, a very very good service, but with successive chips away at the corporation moving the funding to the private sector, it no longer does this. I am not the only to view this as major tragedy.

    One needs only to look at news and current affairs where the commercial media seem to provide most of the source reporting, in all of its overblown bias, and ABC presenters, masquerading as journalists, seem happy to toe the commercial line.

    I did formally complain a couple of years ago that the advertising of commercial media entities was a blatant breach of the ABC charter, but alas my complaint was not successful.

  6. eric

    Leave the local State footy like the VFL alone.The ABC squanders a lot more on useless shows and it isnt there to compete with the commercial channels.

  7. Roberto Tedesco

    Time for the ABC to gear up to show A-league football live.

  8. Stephen

    Yeah, I agree with Tedesco, show us some real football why don’tcha? What is ‘Tasmanian football’ anyway, they might as well film Tasmanian logchops or deerhunts. (What a relief that SBS showed us the Daegu IAAF world titles live.)

  9. Peter Ormonde


    Even better, combining deerhunting with footie would really pull a crowd – albeit at a distance.

    I am appalled that Suzanne Blake would allow those loathsome public servants to pollute the noble game of bowls with their interminable taxpayer subsidised commentaries. Now packs of white leghorns packing sniper rifles and axes – everyone would be watching that!

    Let’s put the biff back into bowls!

  10. Fran Barlow

    I’d need a lot more than $22 to watch Tasmanian football each week, though I might perhaps watch the test pattern for about that ( I could read a good book while it was on). Perhaps that’s the answer.

    Here’s a thought though — why not put something on other than sport?. Crazy I know …

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