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4 thoughts on “The Australian Literary Review

  1. Mark Duffett

    David Hand, these aren’t the stories you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.

  2. klewso

    No doubt Gillard and the party have contributed to their plight (are they “that much more incompetent than the alternate” – as seems the insinuation from our “news services”?).
    But how do we get to see these politicians but through the way the media presents them to the electorate, “dressed and ready to eat, before you vote”?
    And “who” owns so much of that media presenting our news, playing partisan politics in the way it wraps “the news” for our enjoyment and edification?
    Having done so much to reduce politics to some “reality show” in which to sell ad space, including “vote for the Limited News Party”?

  3. Robin Wingrove

    Ben Perez, I feel for you. Abbott’s hyperbole is a total turn off and displays a remarkable lack of empathy with anyone other than himself and those who surround him. Because of that, I dread the day he may become Prime Minister.

  4. David Hand

    Hey Mark,
    I find your lack of faith……… disturbing.

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