Sep 15, 2011

Mayne: the killer question for James Murdoch

After tipping everyone else overboard, James and Rupert Murdoch are the last two people left to take responsibility for the corruption, criminality, abuse of power and huge multi-year cover-up.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

“Power without responsibility” is perhaps the phrase that best sums up the way the Murdoch family have built News Corporation over the years but the game-changing event of the phone-hacking scandal is leading us into uncharted waters.


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4 thoughts on “Mayne: the killer question for James Murdoch

  1. Peter White

    Body langage said it all

    A small but important point that most people seem to have overlooked in James Murdoch’s reply to Tom Watson on the ‘for Neville’ email issue (referred to above) and whether James knew its contents: the transcript shows him saying crisply:

    “No, I was not aware of that at the time”….

    But if you watched the performance live you will recall James’ answer commenced, not with a clinical and straight forward ‘No” but:

    ” N n n n no…. ”

    And to anyone with any awareness of body language issues he was clearly being, how shall we say, ‘economical’ with a substance that Fox News and The Australian are legend for also being economical with.

    There were other occasions too when he started scratching the back of his neck before replying to a question that were also tell tale signs of a likely impending economical approach to the facts.

    And others when he professed not to have heard a clearly audible question and stalled for time by asking for it to be repeated.

    Why none of the MPs questioned James about his comments on April 8 this year in the US in response to a question about the hacking issue being a reputational crisis when speaking at the Arthur W Page Society conference on ” Cultivating Reputation in a Complex World” ( reported in Crikey) is a mystery.

    I am referring of course to his smug reply to the question, saying that News Corporation was doing very well and had ” put this problem in a box”.

    Him and his Pa are going to need some very heavy duty packing tape to keep that box intact over the coming months.

  2. Edward James

    Stephen Mayne I have returned as a subscriber to because of your efforts in bygone years before it was sold ! And because I enjoy the opportunity to post my comments which tabloids censor or just flat out block. News Limited or ”limited news”/ NotW depending on your point of view certainly has questions to answer. Sic em Stephen! Edward James.

  3. zut alors

    I’m with Peter White @ 3.22pm on this. Allan Pease could use that parliamentary enquiry footage as a training video for body language students. James M was laid bare.

  4. AR

    I heard the performance live on Newsradio and the blather from Jnr was so clogged with filler words, Unspeek and waffle that I could imagine the body language, no need to see it. The quotes above barely even qualify as english.

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