You might have noticed that in the last few months Back in a Bit has undergone a bit of a facelift. New categories, new faces, some design tweaks here and there. I’ve also had an increase in people emailing me wanting to contribute to Back in a Bit — which I love and always want more of — so figured it might be easier for me to explain some of our changes so if you want to write for us, you know exactly what we’re looking for.

Back in a Bit — as always — emphasises the quirky travel tales. Not so much luxurious hotels on a tropical island, more struggling to survive the dodgy plane ride to a remote island. Not a list of the obvious tourist traps in a city, more searching out secret swimming holes or uncovering a long-abandoned cemetery with a turbulent past.

And if you were wondering just exactly what those swish little buttons in the top left corner of every post actually meant, then please let me explain…

On the road again: travel tales from those current driving, flying, walking, riding, skipping their way around the globe. Particularly relevant if you’ve just head abroad for a big trip and want to write regularly from it.
Tripulations: travel isn’t all cocktails and sight-seeing. Sometimes it’s difficult and scary. Sometimes your luggage gets lost, or you miss the train or a natural disaster happens or you just don’t understand the language and embarrass yourself stupidly. Share your own horror tripulation.
An expat opinion: Tales written by Aussie expats living abroad.
The Sunday boast: published every Sunday (well, mostly), a tale of a wonderful holiday or destination. And yes, they’ll probably make you a little jealous.
Back on the map: Posts about destinations that have come up in the news. Like when Abbottabad suddenly became a hot topic after is was discovered as Osama bin Laden’s hideout or when Azerbaijan won Eurovision.
Slide night: A long time Back in a Bit feature. It’s look at telling the story behind an interesting travel snap, with an emphasis on the visual over the written word. Great for budding photographers.
Track hacking tips: what’s the insider goss when it comes to travelling? something I am wanting to get BIAB more in to, a future project (if you’ve got any info/contacts etc, let me know please!)
Talkin’ travel: For articles based on the travel industry, trends, news articles, etc.

If you’d like to submit an article to Back in a Bit (and sadly, we can’t pay for submissions), drop me an email with the article enclosed. Keep the post to more than 500 words and less than 1000 words and preferably attach a few photos as well.

And I hope you’re enjoying the Back in a Bit changes. Would love to hear your feedback.

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