The revival in Kevin Rudd’s fortunes as shown by this morning’s Nielsen Poll tell us one thing: silence often is the best way for a politician to revive public standing. It is an approach I have suggested several times in Crikey to Julia Gillard but Kevin Rudd has followed it courtesy of his spell in hospital and recuperating at home from a hear operation. His comparative silence has coincided with an increasing desire of Australians to see him returned to the job of Prime Minister.

The senior ministers in the Gillard government are naturally enough expressing their loyalty to their current leader. They really have no option but to do so unless they have the courage to hand in the keys to their ministerial offices. But have no doubt, this Nielsen poll showing Kevin is a winner while Julia is a loser will be frightening all of them.

Not that I would expect any immediate move to change the leadership. The next best approach to the silence of convalescence for Foreign Minister Rudd is a spell overseas playing Foreign Minister. His best chance of an unlikely return to the nation’s top political job is to stay out or the leadership debate and let the pressure grow.

Silence continues to be his best policy.