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Joy of Sets with Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee has been given an start date of Tuesday September 20 at 9pm on Channel 9. Hefty competition going up against Packed to the Rafters, but it has the season premiere of Two and a Half Men as a lead in, which should give it some decent numbers. White Noise has a bit of timeslot analysis for you to look at. While it’s appealing to a very different audience to rafters, my wife commands the remote control, so I’ll be a bit stuffed. Hopefully there won’t be too many Australians in the same situation.

The Hamster Wheel from The Chasers also has a start date, and will hit our screens on Wednesday October 5 at 9pm on ABC1. Rather than sending out a proper press release, the ABC emailed out a phone number that you could ‘hack’ with the passcode RUPERT. Imaginative, maybe, but I’m assuming there’s nothing too exciting on there.

Industry insiders who have seen the upcoming Australian movie Any Questions for Ben? indicate that it’s a bit of a winner. From Working Dog Productions, directed by Rob Sitch and starring Josh Lawson, it’ll be released on 26th January 2012.

John Cleese has announced a bunch of Australian dates for February and March next year. He’ll be in every major city except Tasmania.

If you’ve ever sat on public transport in front of two teenage girls who talk loudly about anything that comes to their mind and thought to yourself ‘you know what? I could listen to this for a large amount of time on a regular basis,’ then Melinda Buttle has a podcast for you. Along with Patience Hodgson, she has released ‘The Minutes’, said to be sixty minutes of talking about life. The title is a mystery, but you’ll be counting them. You can have yourself a ‘totes’ drinking game.

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