Baird in need of well-earned break. He’s been laying the groundwork for NSW to prepare for budget-related pain for months, but on Tuesday Treasurer Mike Baird was feeling the pain himself, the physical pain of a flu that won’t go away.

Not only did the man have to deliver the difficult numbers — 5000 jobs to go and the first budget deficit in five years — but he had to do so while feeling slightly under the weather. A spokesperson from Treasury has confirmed that Baird tackled the tough job of delivering the state budget while on his third round of antibiotics, having not been able to shake off a nasty flu. — Angela Priestley (read the full article here)

Union anger at Qantas boss payrise. Union leaders have expressed their anger at Qantas for increasing the total salary of CEO Alan Joyce to $5.1 million, just as the airline plans to implement a restructure which will result in 1000 job cuts.

It’s a 71% increase on top of last year’s pay, now enough for him to fly Qantas first class from London to Melbourne about 500 times (of course, that’s if he pays for flights). But Qantas has hit back, saying Joyce’s “vested” take-home pay packet has actually fallen 9% to $3.04 million. — The Power Index (read the full article here)

The risky job of being an MP. It’s not just the verbal wrath of the opposition an MP needs to be weary of during question time: as Stephen Bromhead showed in Parliament yesterday, working the chamber can result in physical injury too.

The Nationals MP collapsed in pain after jumping up to throw a question towards NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell. Bromhead was swiftly assisted by his fellow MPs — including Labor MP and paediatrician Andrew McDonald, and former nurse and Nationals MP Leslie Gladys — and rushed to hospital. — The Power Index (read the full article here)

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