Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes at the lodge, the home of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and her First Guy Tim Mathieson? Yeah… me neither.

At any rate, wonder no more, as four episodes of At Home With Julia are hitting your screens on ABC1.

With its target audience already sorted out (ie Australians who can’t get enough politics) and hedging their bets with everyone else (ie Julia isn’t all that popular at the moment), At Home With Julia takes your average storyline lifted from Bewitched (the independents are coming to dinner, what do we feed them!?), gives it some political overlay (A Kevin 07 mug! That never gets old…) and reduces all the characters to a single exaggerated attribute.

Amanda Bishop plays an uncanny Gillard who will set your teeth on edge from the theme song to the lingerie, and Phil Lloyd as the straight guy Tim is probably a role so close to home that the real Tim Mathieson will be quietly crying himself to sleep. The supporting cast were forgettable but serviceable. Tony Abbott was strangely missing, but then again, some things are either too easy to make fun of, or much stranger in reality.

Arguably, this is the recipe for perfect parody, and it’s down to whether you find that sort of thing funny. The jokes might have been a bit weak, and the ending strangely resolved (Mathieson convinced Katter how exactly?), but for a select few this is going to be comedy gold. To others, it isn’t going to feel like a parody at all.

Update: With 1.06m viewers, At Home With Julia won the timeslot. Brilliant result, and with only three episodes to go it probably won’t outstay its welcome.

At Home With Julia airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm on ABC1.