Sep 5, 2011

Essential: we trust Negus and Oakes, but who’s Andrew Bolt?

We trust Laurie Oakes and George Negus to bring us the news. But not Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt, an Essential Research poll found.

Jason Whittaker — Former <em>Crikey</em> editor and publisher

Jason Whittaker

Former Crikey editor and publisher

We trust Laurie Oakes and George Negus to bring us the news. But not Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt.

And the news is worse for Bolt, the nation’s pre-eminent conservative crusader, with more than half of respondents to an Essential Research survey not knowing who he is.

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28 thoughts on “Essential: we trust Negus and Oakes, but who’s Andrew Bolt?

  1. SimsonMc

    In breaking news, Alan Jones is going to get a tattoo on his back called “Where’s Bolty” which will help the 48% of Australian who just don’t know.

  2. matthew hocking

    in other news, australians dont follow politics.

  3. MLF

    “Negus, the former 60 Minutes globetrotter turned host of Channel Ten’s struggling 6.30 bulletin, shared the most-trusted title with Nine’s veteran political reporter. Both scored 75% in the trust stakes, though Oakes polled slightly higher (33%) than Negus (27%) in the “a lot of trust” column.”

    Is it just me? Or do Laurie’s 28, 36 & 10% add up to 74% and George’s 24,44 & 11% add up to 79%?

    So George and Laurie are not even Stephens, George is actually 5% ahead.

    Which is a shame as Laurie is by far the most trustworthy. George and Andrew Bolt go bowling, I reckon.

    And does Laurie’s total add up to 101%? Surely not.

  4. SusieQ

    I think this is all summed up in the headline – ‘….but whose Andrew Bolt?’

    Tucked away on a Sunday morning, never to be seen again.

  5. LisaCrago

    Nothing like a bit of Bolt Bashing to score cheep points and sell more subs to Crikey.

    Honestly though, come on you gotta do better than this.

    The guts of this story is that 48% of people don’t know who Bolt is…therefore his tv show is not working for him.
    If 58% of these people don’t know who Michelle Gratton
    + 48% don’t know who Tony Jones is
    why is it any surprise that these people don’t know who Andrew Bolt is?
    Where is the story here?
    It is a non story.

  6. SBH

    given all of that it’s a shame that Grattan is such a nong

    LisaCrago, the story might be that most people don’t watch news and current affairs shows.

  7. Andrew Pegler

    I would be interested to see Glen Milne’s figures.

  8. gtpfb13


    Bolt is syndicated in the Murdoch press around Australia, he has a TV show that’s on twice every Sunday, he appears on ch10 news and 7pm project and is on radio every morning. I would think he should be better known than the others.

    I reckon he’d be pretty annoyed that 48% don’t know who he is. What a fail.

  9. Billy Blogs

    It’s ‘weekly online panel’?? Who exactly was that, grade 3 students from Upper Shitters Ditch Primary school?

    Spare me.

  10. GocomSys

    I know who and what “BOLT” is. Just knowing that scares me. I have no idea who the “ESSENTIAL” poll peddlers are and what they are trying to achieve. That scares me more.
    Why is “Crikey” obliged to print “all” this useless “OPINION POLL” stuff, I wonder?

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