Jim Carrey has embarked on what appears to be a kind of real-life Truman Show: an online video diary stacked full of clips of his personal life, spanning the surreal to the mundane.

The head-scratching debut vid on Jim Carrey Tru Life, Jim Carrey’s Message to Emma Stone, could easily be interpreted as a creepy love letter from a near middle-aged man to a teenage girl.

“Emma, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re all the way beautiful. And not just pretty but smart and kind hearted,” Carrey earnestly intones.

“If I were a lot younger I would marry you. We would have chubby little freckled-faced kids. We would laugh all day long…and every day for the rest of your life you would thank god that I was the appropriate age for you.”

If this is an in-joke it’s a private one delivered deadpan, and none of the commenters seem to have any idea what he’s on about. Comments range from “this is hilarious” to “so sweet.” One user fretted “help, my childhood/adolescent/skill-kinda-now hero is losing the plot!” and another, pertaining to be puppeteer David Strassman, quipped “I made a similar video, and got a restraining order.”

Other videos include footage of football fans chanting on a bus, a Picasso auction filmed from Carrey’s seat (titled ‘Picassooooo Out of My League — ho ho), phone footage of Carrey’s new-born grandson and an account of his deformed elbow, including a visit to the hospital and a scene in which Carrey holds up a needle full of liquid he claims was just drained from it. Most of them are not particularly funny, interesting or dramatic.

As a collective, however, it’s all pretty weird, and intentionally so. Carrey obviously wanted to set tongues wagging and who knows (or could be bothered to think about) his motivations. But given his celebrity largely revolves around family friendly entertainment, Carrey will presumably be careful with anything other than G-rated content. And the next time, if ever, he mentions Emma Stone.

Here’s the official “explanation” from the man himself:

#Goodmornoonevening world and welcome to my new site, www.Jimcarreytrulife.com. Real Reality. imagine that! A decade ago Truman Burbank (pre Survivor) escaped from the set of the first reality show. He walked through a door in the sky only to find out that the exterior would be televised as well and that the whole wide world was dying to live under the dome he rejected. Every person was equipped with a camera and all life would be broadcasted and held up for scrutiny. Let’s make the most of our inevitable captivity. Some of the clips will be funny some serious some beautiful some vulgar and off putting. Sometimes I’ll look young and healthy. Sometimes I’ll look old and tired. You will see here that I hate myself and I’m also my biggest fan. I will be a reflection of the world around me colored by my beliefs, right or wrong. You’ll learn that I am both lonely and the luckiest man in the world, selfish, generous, spoiled, grateful, blissful, anxious, free and in prison. I will enjoy your comments immensely and I won’t feel pressured to answer them unless I have the time and it feels like fun. I invite you to do likewise. I love you and I need you! We are all worthy of love. This is me trying to convince myself. #Spankyoukindly for all of your #Boing.

Who knows — video diaries might catch on in Hollywood. If they do, let us bow our heads and pray for two outcomes: a) that Bill Murray gets in the ground floor and b) Charlie Sheen stays the hell away.