Time for Gillard to put away funny hats, fluoro vests

What do you do when your tactics are completely failing and defeat is looming?

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

Taking the bait. What do you do when your tactics are completely failing and defeat is looming? Some people might decide to try something different but not the Australian Labor Party. Its response to medicine that makes things worse rather than better is to increase the dose.


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7 thoughts on “Time for Gillard to put away funny hats, fluoro vests

  1. Lady White Peace

    In all my years of being a voter, I have never, repeat never, been interviewed by someone doing a survey on ; who I would vote for … so question, who do the people who run these survey’s and polls actually call their family?? their Friends?? nobody just make it up ??

  2. Bill Hilliger

    Hear, Hear on taking the bait. It’s about time that in response to the seemingly constant and inane hectoring during question time, and many other instances by the so called media, the government politico’s should just answer as appropriate in the circumstancewith a “yes; no, in the fullness of time, etc. and move on. And yes, when constantly being reminded of the poor showing in the polls just say “at present we are the government, and if we lose the next election, then so be it; in the mean time we are making decisions that we the government believe to be right for the Australian people. Ignore the Allan Jones’ and other megaphone screamers, including the loopy wingnut and that shrek looking fellow. If the Liberals truly believed the polls, they would have Malcolm Turnbull as their leader. It is also time to taked a close look at the relevance of the current political / party advisors and replace them with people who are a bit more street smart and not just driven by the next poll result.

  3. zut alors

    I unreservedly support your suggestions for improved governance and resisting Abbott and the 24 hour news cycle setting the pace. However, I fear it’s way too much to hope for.

  4. GocomSys

    “Time for Gillard to put away funny hats, fluoro vests.”

    Yes, suggested something similar to her several month’s ago.

    Tell the PM directly not to take the bait, stop kissing babies and shaking hands in shopping malls. Not only does it look ridiculous, it is a waste of time that could be better spent. Remember the “Pop-up Johnny syndrome”? Wherever you looked Johnny Howard would be on the telly. It became so annoying that people got sick of watching him. If somebody needs to go out that’s what ministers are for. The opposition’s policy cupboard is bare and their leader is a joke! Why aren’t you making inroads. Think about it.

    Contact her:


  5. david

    Interesting Mr Farmer you made no mention of the Bolt dummy spit, the crap written by one of your (ahem) collegues the drunken piss head gnome, the news ltd non apology for Bolts ludicrous ascertion he was going to bring the Govt down, another mate of yours,…what sort of spine as a jurno do you have ? Oh sorry I shouldn’t talk about highly respected news gatherers such as the prigs employed by the disgraced Murdoch News Ltd…I await your learned response.

  6. Gavin Moodie

    I second the motion to establish an Australian branch of the Anti PowerPoint Party.

  7. AR

    As many as have pointed out the banality of the government’s performing monkey responses to the ever madding Monk antics, its lack of vision (hard to have direction without a goal) etc, have also surmised that there is little (read NO) hope of any change – how could there be given the times serving, seat warming apparatchiks hoping to become the nomenklatura.
    The ALP is terminal and has been dying since the hawkeating era when Sussex St began ignoring, then denigrating and finally crushing those local branches that they couldn’t stack.

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