While a few photo’s of the Joy of Sets set have been posted by the Joy of Sets team this afternoon on Facebook, below is a reasonably clear look at the new home of Martin/Kavalee.

While the set looks much like I’d assumed, I’m pretty impressed with some of the TV memorabilia littered throughout the background. Any TV set that features board games for The Bill, Neighbours, and Sale of The Century is alright in my book.

From what I understand, each episode of the show will take a comedic look at a different genre of TV each week with a mix of gags and sketches. It sounds quite similar to Ed Kavalee’s Channel Seven series TV Burp, which is fine by me. That show started slightly clunky, but found its feet very quickly. It’s a shame that Seven didn’t renew that for a second season, but at least we now have Joy of Sets to fill the void.

Reports from the filming of episode 2 last Friday night have indicated that the show delivers exactly what fans of Martin/Kavalee are expecting. Rumours of a show launch at South Australia’s Veal Gardens is unfounded…..