At the ABC2 launch party that took place last week, the promo that seemed to garner the most enthusiasm from the crowd was for the new series “twentysomething”.


I’m still yet to get a look at a full episode of the show, but it does look promising. The two leads are appealing and the presence of Hamish Blake in a supporting role does a lot to capture ones attention.

With the show screening on ABC2, scheduled up against ratings juggernaut Packed To The Rafters, and targetted at a youth audience, it is evident (to me, at least) that the success of the show will be judged just as heavily on iView downloads as it is on broadcast viewers. Keeping that in mind, it comes as no surprise that a preview of the show will be available on iView a week prior to the launch of the show. From 6pm on Tuesday 30 August, eager viewers can watch what I’m told will be “close to” the full first episode via the ABC’s streaming TV platform.

twentysomething begins on ABC2 on Tuesday September 6.