Trendy Salt’s cafe missive. The occasional appearance of the term “trendy” sends one running to the history books. But not so in the business pages of The Australian where Bernard Salt has a groaning piece of satire about the inner city. Apparently they wear black and go to cafes. Who knew? Best of all was the liberal use of the t-word, last seen when Andrew Peacock was a playa, as in this passage:

“As for trendy inner-city occupations, well, anything in the arts, the media, computing (extra points for web-page design) or the entertainment industry is fine …”

Media? Computing? Entertainment? Bernard would appear to be in all three, as  a “demographic futures forecaster”. One who apparently believes the word “trendy” is current. Pay him a motza and you too can have the benefit of his cutting-edge insights. — Guy Rundle

Front page of the day. The Independent splashes its front page today with the news that Gaddafi’s tenuous stranglehold on Libya appears to be over:

Australian Press Council plans to increase regulation

“The Australian Press Council is developing plans to regulate news and current affairs commentary across all platforms, including radio, television and blogs. At present the council’s role is limited to print publications.” — The Australian

Milly Dowler phone hackers ‘used more than one voicemail’

“Fresh evidence has emerged of other voice messages allegedly hacked from the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s by the News of the World.” — The Guardian

SMH appoints Judy Prisk as first readers’ editor

The Sydney Morning Herald and sister title The Sun-Herald has become the first major Australian newspaper to appoint a readers editor. ” —mUmBRELLA

Retweet added to Oxford Dicitonary

“In the latest testament to Twitter’s growing importance in the modern world, the Oxford English Dictionary has recognized one very significant aspect of the micro-blogging social network by adding the word ‘retweet’ to its 12th edition.” — Mediabistro

Verification badges addedf to Google+ profiles

“A new verification system being rolled out by Google+ is designed to help + users answer such questions and avoid falling victim to such nefarious schemes (or at least feel confident adding people to their various friend Circles without fear of imposters).” — CNET

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