Aug 22, 2011

Carbon tax: for Abbott it’s appalling policy or appalling hypocrisy

Even if Abbott wins a 2013 election it would likely be mid-2015 before any carbon price legislation could potentially pass a joint sitting of both houses, writes Matt Grudnoff, a senior economist at The Australia Institute.

A rather small convoy of constitutional confusion today rolled into Canberra calling for a double-dissolution election. The impending carbon price, the ban on live exports and the imminent threat of one world government were all cited by participants as motivating their demands.

But no matter how sincere their confused calls for a double-dissolution election, they have as much chance of getting what they want as Tony Abbott has of rolling back the carbon price before 2015. None.

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12 thoughts on “Carbon tax: for Abbott it’s appalling policy or appalling hypocrisy

  1. Harry G

    I take issue with Mr Grudnoff with respect to this paragraph:

    A cynic might argue that Abbott doesn’t really intend to roll back the carbon price and introduce his Direct Action Plan. But that would make him guilty of the same crime of which he accuses Julia Gillard, saying one thing before the election and doing something else afterwards.

    I don’t think that Abbott has ever acknowledged that Gillard did not intentionally tell a lie. She had no intention of introducing a carbon tax, but circumstances pushed her to go back on her word. In the long run, an ETS now, compared with a carbon tax now before phasing in an ETS in a few years time, is not significant. Compare this with Grudnoff’s cynic’s view where Abbott would be deliberately telling a lie. A far different proposition.

  2. Suzanne Blake

    Whether its 2016, 2017 or 2018 it will happen.

    My tip is that the Green vote collapses at the next election in the half senate.

  3. William Schild

    I think world event will overtake Tony and he can claim that the world has moved and therefore he is entitled to change his mind. And remember Any policy that Tony delivers unless it is written in stone with his own blood is irrelevant and we have been warned.

  4. Mark M


    Whether its 2016, 2017 or 2018 it will happen

    Nah. Tony will get into power and then say that it is too costly to remove. He will blame the ALP for this mess and wave his arms around and talk about waste and reckless spending. Not that Howard did any of that…

    And the green vote is very unlikely to collapse. Not everyone is terrified of a political party that puts forward the environment as a critical concern.

  5. BSA Bob

    Mark M at 3.06
    Abbott doesn’t really care about what actually happens with any of this, so I agree that he’ll say it’s all too much to change & use it as a universal excuse to beat up on Labor & the Greens, all the while being ready to remind us that this was Liberal policy should that be necessary too.
    As to the larger issue of appalling policy or appalling hypocrisy, Abbott’s plenty capable of delivering both.

  6. jimD

    I’m with BSA BOB;

    Abbott almost certainlywill abandon his idiotic direct action policy if he wins the election; he clearly has no commitment to it whatever,and prefers to leave the hapless Greg Hunt to explain how a policy that will cost about twice as much per tonne of GHG to implement as a carbon price, or an ETS. He will leave the tax in place, and change the subject (more draconian refugee treatment, anyone?). Actually, Iwon’t mind if he stops talking about climate change; he makes me quite ill when he does talk about it.

  7. GocomSys

    @Matt Grudnoff.
    Thanks for your enlightened article. There is hope for us yet!
    You have addressed some vital issues by breaking out of the “tunnel vision” mindset imposed on many other journalists by the relentless 24 hour news cycle.
    You’ll never “get” it, so please go away and don’t waste this space for everyone’s sake. Thanks!
    As I mentioned on previous occasions the worst threat to our society I can see is the insidious undermining from within!
    As the previous posters were alluding to we have at present an unscrupulous person, his character flaws openly on display, for purely selfish reasons systematically causing serious damage to our self-image, our democratic institutions and thereby destroying the little remaining faith the public has in them.
    Not many in the “old” and especially not in the tabloid media appear to fully understand the impact this has on the psyche of our nation.
    We should remember what happened in the most recent past when this person’s “mentor” got away with “blue murder”. Even though political amnesia is widespread, let’s try not to let it happen again, please!

  8. GocomSys


  9. Maninmelbourne

    Abbott will get into power first, and worry about the consequences later.

  10. Suzanne Blake

    @ GoComSys

    Can’t you handle the truth?

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