Aug 19, 2011

Labor MP in prostitute

Crikey media wrap: Prostitutes, an MP and a precarious government who can't afford to lose someone to a scandal: the allegations against Labor MP Craig Thomson have all the elements of a intriguing film script.

Amber Jamieson — Freelance journalist in New York

Amber Jamieson

Freelance journalist in New York

Prostitutes, an MP and a precarious government that can’t afford to lose someone to a scandal: the allegations against Labor MP Craig Thomson have all the elements of a intriguing screenplay.


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235 thoughts on “Labor MP in prostitute

  1. Bellistner

    So we may finally have an MP who can organise a root in a brothel?

    If I was the LNP, I’d be very quiet about this. No doubt the Labor Dirt Squad has plenty of information they can let loose if needed.

  2. The_roth

    Just goes to show you how idiots slip through the cracks to become elected officials.

    Both sides of politics must know that if you go into public life everything you’ve ever said and done, which is available on the public record, will be found and used against you.

    It really doesn’t matter whether he used these services himself or whether he just signed off on them. While doing them himself, is not illegal, is distasteful to the puritans at large, using an employers credit for them is of dubious legality.

    If someone else used them for their own purposes and he signed off on them it shows appalling management ability.

    I can’t see how he can survive this intact nor the Gillard government. It’ll be a slow burn but eventually a bi-election surely must occur and with the mood in the electorate whipped up by a right wing media Labour has bugger all chance of winning it.

  3. Jean

    There seem to be some big sums of money involved. Those prostitutes must have a really good union.

  4. Modus Ponens

    There is NO WAY he will leave his crucial seat in Parliament. Why do all media (crikey included) talk about it bringing down the government.

    You have to resign if you are convicted of a crime with a sentence of 12 months, but legal proceedings can be dragged out for two years easily, so no conviction arises.

    My prediciton is he will be asked to leave the labor party and sit as an independent supporting the minority gillard government…

  5. Savonrepus

    If a female person of authority was addressing parliament defending someone who was publicly being shamed for inter alia attending a brothel would it be inapproprate to address that person of authority as Madam?

  6. Policeman MacCruiskeen

    Perfect, Bellistener.

    A functioning minority government potentially brought down by a cocksman? Ya just gotta love the NSW Right. They always leave a trail of slime to show where they’ve been. I see that the HSU offers its members ‘rewards and benefits’ but not apparently including discounts for sex services. One rule for the bosses and another for the members, eh?

  7. calyptorhynchus

    Bit intrigued by Tony Abbott failing to decisively condemn Thomson yesterday.

    Perhaps his advisers told him not to bother, there’s no way Thomson can be forced out.

  8. Peter Ormonde

    Graham Richardson – a heavy weight indeed… and yet another depraved creep comes lurching out of his Sussex Street laboratory…

    How long must we put up with this stream of odious slime?

    At some point – some day… someone must disinfect NSW Labor.

  9. beachcomber

    Why the sudden interest in Thompson, when this was all aired years ago? Looks like Abbott, having failed to drag the Government to an early election on policy grounds, is now trying to knock off the weak links one by one.

    If he had any concern about the integrity of MPs, he would expel Peter Slipper, Member for Fisher, from his party. He has repeatedly been found to have his snout in the trough over 20 years in Parliament, and is again under investigation for buying hundreds of thousands worth of air tickets weeks before the last election.

    But then, Abbott and Consistency are but loose acquaintances.

  10. Policeman MacCruiskeen

    Beachcomber: the state of play in Oz politics is that having one’s snout in the trough is par for the course but other appendages in other places is totally unacceptable.

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