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Now that Can of Worms has had time to settle in, Good News Week will be back in the form of a new show, Good News Planet. Herald Sun are reporting that Paul McDermott and fellow cast members Mikey Robbins and Claire Hooper are to be staying on, but expect a few additions to try and boost up the falling ratings of the predecessor. Can of Worms is handling the ratings fairly well, and seems to have settled in nicely now that the bumps have smoothed out.

There was a great article in The Age by Michael Lallo and John Bailey, detailing where to catch comedy in Melbourne outside of the yearly festival. Give it a read and start making plans.

Next year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival has opened up enrollments. If you want to take part, make sure you get your forms in before they close on October 12. Sydney Fringe Festival begins September 9, and Melbourne Fringe Festival on September 21. Crikey’s Laugh Track will be gratefully accepting reviewers for any event.

For those who missed his well reviewed MICF show, young comedian Trav Nash has released a recording on iTunes, titled Good Grief. Also taking my interest in iTunes is Justin Hamilton‘s podcast Can You Take This Photo Please?

Mandy Ord‘s new book Sensitive Creatures will be launched at Readings Carlton on 18th August at 6:30pm. You can RSVP on Facebook.

This round-up’s tweets to follow are those of Tony Martin (@mrtonymartin), the upcoming host of Channel 9’s The Joy of Sets, and an idol of nerds countrywide. Purveyor of obscure cinema trivia and an excellent weekly cat video on YouTube.

The ABC have released this trailer for their upcoming comedy At Home With Julia. Looks like it should be one to tune into, but then again, it was pretty clear from the trailer that Crikey kinda liked it… you can catch it September 7 on ABC1.