Aug 8, 2011

Mighell to sue News Limited over ‘assaulting’ story

Victorian Electrical Trades Union state secretary Dean Mighell will sue News Limited for an attack in two of its tabloids that wrongly accused him of admitting to physical assault.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Victorian Electrical Trades Union chief Dean Mighell will sue News Limited for an attack in two of its tabloids that he says wrongly accused him of admitting to physical assault. An outraged Mighell told Crikey this morning he had referred the story, "Greens may return pig hunter's funds", by Daily Telegraph humourist Joe Hildebrand, to his lawyers and was considering which leading barrister to brief. The page 11 report stated Mighell had been "caught on tape bragging about assaulting employers during strikes and comparing workplace inspectors to p-edophiles", while a similar story in the Herald Sun said Mighell had confessed to "belting up employers". The Tele also penned an accompanying editorial entitled  "revenge bites back". But the 3AW regular told Crikey this morning his alleged bragging about violence or assault had never happened. "It is extremely hurtful for them to say that I was violent and it damages my reputation severely because I've never been accused of that. Hard negotiator, yes, but violent totally outrageous," Mighell said. The audio tape of a 2006 meeting of ETU members alluded to by Hildebrand included colourful claims about the efficacy of strike action in obtaining pay rises. The contested quote related to an off-the-cuff assessment of right-of-entry rules that prevented union organisers from attending a worksite without notice: "Our employers in our agreements we've negotiated don't want that. They're happy for us to go on 24/7 because they're not terrorists and we don't often belt them up unless they deserve it," Mighell was reported as saying at the time. This morning's stories also hung off a suggestion that a 2010 donation of "more than $300,000" by the Victorian branch of the Electrical Trades Union to the Greens might have to be returned because of Mighell's long-time membership of the Victorian branch of the Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia. Hunting, Hildebrand wrote, chafed with the Greens' donations policy. But Greens MP Adam Bandt, who was not quoted in the story, rejected the assertions, stating point blank that "the donation does not contravene Greens guidelines". "The decision was made by the Victorian State Council of the ETU," Bandt told Crikey."Dean Mighell’s personal views on hunting are up to him." And contrary to the Telegraph's claims, the total donated amount was $225,000, not "more than $300,000". The blue-collar union chief has hardly kept his love of recreational shooting a secret -- so much so that he and ETU official Nathan Stott are running for board positions for the SSAA's Victorian branch at its AGM later this month. Mighell said Hildebrand had failed to contact him for comment before the story was published, despite the Tele's hard-copy version stating that he and Bandt "could not be contacted". But that claim was rejected by Hildebrand: "We called his mobile last night and left a message." "Good to see Crikey is defending Dean Mighell now. You guys have the nicest friends," he added. Hildebrand denied he had written the word "assaulting", saying instead that it had been changed after he filed it on Friday night. "The wording I used was 'belting up' as appeared in the Herald Sun. I don’t know if you’ve ever worked as a journalist, but sometimes copy gets altered in the production process." This morning's yarns curiously appeared on the same day ballots opened for the position of secretary of the national CEPU Electrical Division and Mighell's own position of Victorian state secretary  -- a fact omitted by the Tele. The Mighell-aligned Howard Worthing is running against NSW Right-backed national secretary Peter Tighe in the ballot (Mighell had previously backed Worthing for ALP preselection against ETU turncoat Shaun Leane in Victorian upper house in 2009). Mighell is facing a challenge at state level from the Tighe-aligned assistant national secretary John Ingram. Last month, Mighell called for state branches of the ETU to join the Victorian branch and disaffiliate from Labor because of Julia Gillard's tardiness in rolling back elements of WorkChoices and its propping up of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. He is supporting challenges to the ETU's current leadership in Tasmania, NSW and Queensland.

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7 thoughts on “Mighell to sue News Limited over ‘assaulting’ story

  1. Tom McLoughlin

    Production process sounds like a byline is now officially fiction at News Ltd, after the Steve Lewis copy was altered to delete balance as per Media Watch.

    It looks pretty obvious to me this was a smear story and loaded accordingly. Quite independently I noticed the donation was by the union not out of the pocket of the union official.

    But as egregious as this appears, it pales completely to insignificance with Piers Akerman headline in the Sunday tabloid “deathblow to multiculturalism’. Raising the question, does Piers think those 76 people in Norway deserved what they got?

    Not a word of condemnation for political violence there from Piers. No wonder Malcolm Farr has moved to another stable perhaps to avoid some of the nasties in his own corporation?

  2. Ruprecht

    Hildebrand’s comment about “friends” gives him away — for News, it’s not about the facts, but barracking for your side and against the others.

  3. Margaret Kerr

    Copy getting altered in “the production process” is an oldie but a goodie at News Ltd. I feel sorry for the reporters who have to see their names attached to complete crap they never wrote.

  4. Trevor Poulton

    Mighell has ethics on shooting ducks:

    I refer to ‘Greens left red faced at Dean Mighell’s hunting’ written by Joe Hildebrand and reported in The Herald Sun. As a Co-convenor of ALP Members Opposed to Duck Shooting, I can say that the policy of the Victorian ALP over the last decade has been to promote recreational shooting of native waterbirds in order to secure preferences from the Country Alliance Party. I once approached Mr Mighell’s prior to an ALP State Conference to seek support from the Electrical Trade Union delegates for a motion for a ban on the activity. Mr Mighell was extraordinarily supportive of the motion, he expressed his personal opposition to duck shooting because of the cruelty involved in killing with a shotgun, and mobilised to garner ETU delegates’ support for the motion. Ultimately, he managed to persuade ETU delegates to exercise a conscience vote rather than tow the party line. The motion was lost, but only because delegates from the Socialist Left Faction (the self-proclaimed green end of the ALP) were pressured by its leadership to vote as a block in favour of duck shooting. In contrast to the hypocrisy of the Socialist Left, Mr Mighell and the ETU took an ethical approach to the issue. The article by Joe Hildebrand is a beat-up.

    Trevor Poulton
    ALP Members Opposed to Duck Shooting

  5. OkayDavey

    I don’t know if Hildebrand has ever worked as a journalist, but sometimes you need to check your sources. Don’t worry Joe, it’s hard work at first but if you keep at it you’ll be writing accurate articles in no time. If you get stuck, just think of the Prime Minister’s advice: “Don’t write crap”.

    Also, I find myself pretty funny even if no one else does. Can I be a humourist at the Daily Telegraph too?

  6. Mark from Melbourne

    What a whiney excuse – the copy editor changed it…….

  7. Mark from Melbourne

    Sorry pushed the send button too quick.

    So Hildebrand blames the copy sub but doesn’t acknowledge that his paper got it not just wrong which is sloppy but quite slanderously wrong given the thrust of the story and how the “mistake” just ran way beyond what the facts supported.

    I have no idea who the union guy is or whether his a nice bloke (or not) but at the very least Hildebrand as they guy whose name is on the story should at least try to apologise. Instead he goes on the attack.

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