It made Beck want to smoke crack. Gave its name to a generation. And, yes, tried to kill the radio star. MTV is 30 years old this week.

It’s long ceased to be a music channel and even removed any reference to “music television” in 2010, preferring to now bask in the dubious glory of having invented reality TV.

The first hour, originally broadcast on 1 August 1981, is available to view on the modern distribution channel for promotional music videos – YouTube. Here’s the first 10 minutes, including blank screens between video clips as MTV staff switched VCR tapes over (seriously).

To celebrate MTV’s 30th birthday, nominate your favourite music video and it will magically (eventually) appear in this post.

Leave the YouTube link in the comments section below or mention @crikey_earworm on the Twitter to nominate a video.

Over to you, MTV generation. (If your infamously short attention span allowed you to read this far.)