The GM food debate is nonsense

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3 thoughts on “The GM food debate is nonsense

  1. drsmithy

    All of our food is genetically modified, mostly by selection of desirable traits induced by among other things cosmic radiation, but also by human induced radiation.

    The difference is that these foods have been “modified” over millennia, with accompanying “modifications” in the surrounding environment and consumers.

    Though personally I consider the potential health risks of GM food to be a relatively minor issue. The real concern is placing humanity’s food supply into the hands of amoral corporate monsters like Monsanto.

  2. Rourke

    “known gene precisely inserted in the genome”? Are you ignorant or just deliberately misleading? Most genetic modification is more akin to throwing a large handful of rice at the genome and if it sticks in vaguely the right place and seems to have the wanted effects, it stays. Even if we did have the technology to precisely insert whatever we wanted wherever we wanted, the way the genome is decoded into instructions for building proteins is subtly influenced by all sorts of factors – most of the time the result is not what was expected and that’s why we keep experimenting. Statistics insist that the number of potential side-effects is of a similar magnitude to the number of planned effects.

  3. david

    The anti News Ltd stuff takes up most of the editions; if you don’t like the papers it’s easy-don’t read them.But to fill up article after article with negativity about mostly The Australian is just plain boring. Move on, get over it and read something else.

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