UPDATE BELOW: The Liberals attempt to silently edit out the evidence; unfortunately for them, we’ve got other screenshots.

And here we see the dangers of a political party publishing comments as if it were a media organisation. From the Liberal Party’s liberal.org.au website, on a post about the Greens:

That’s actually on there twice, and has been there for a month. There are many other comments by Liberal supporters following it, and none apparently thought it was going too far.

Here’s another:

And those aren’t the only ones that skate over, or at least perilously close to, the line.

Perhaps the Liberals might want to consider just what their rhetoric is inspiring, and the wisdom of publishing on their official website actual calls to violence.

(Via Max in the comments.)

UPDATE: After we posted this, the Liberals went through and deleted both of the above comments. They also silently deleted the following, hoping no-one noticed it had also been published for a month – but unfortunately for them, I saved the web page this morning and can produce a screengrab:

As I noted above, it’s disturbing how many comments were left after Barry’s whose authors apparently had no problem with what he’d written. To them it apparently was not out of the ordinary to call for the murder of their political opponents.

Interestingly, as soon as people who’d read this post wandered across – well, suddenly there were calls for moderators. Funny that.